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Posted in Babysitting on 11th January 2011

Why can’t people follow directions?
i posted an ad in the volunteer section in my community that i am willing to babysit “infants only” for free (since I love babies and that’s what i’m interested in babysitting) in exchange for a job reference. and what did I get? i get different responses from parents asking me to babysit their older kids like ages 3 to 9 years of age. how is this babies?
immortal- yes i have

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Answer by aspiringashley416
When people see “babysitting” they don’t read the rest of the ad. They see what they want to see.

Answer by John K
They are desparate for a baby sitter

Answer by ImmortalNightmare
Lol oh dear.

Did you have the infants only in caps, bold and very big writing?

Perhaps specifying an age also would help as if people think they can get something free they will try for it.

Answer by Canadian Diva
I wouldn’t let you babysit my border collie! Peace:)

Answer by Sam
These people are obviously very much in need of a sitting and hoping you’ll change your mind. Don’t stress over it.

Answer by queen of answers
People Do Not Read.

Answer by pendleton4068
they don;t listen ! they take your ad and adopt it to their needs

Answer by ~*Honest Blunt Opinioner*~
Why only infants? you’ll get a much better opportunity if you expand your options.

Answer by sheridansheridansheridan
if i saw an ad that said babies only …my first thought would be someone looking to steal a baby

Answer by RK
Follow directions? Who are you to be giving directions to random strangers? I am shocked that anyone responded at all. There is something very creepy about anyone volunteering to take care of an infant for free. Sounds like a huge red flag. The only way it would be safe would be if both parents stay home to supervise you, and then your babysitting wouldn’t be free because they would have to donate a chunk of time to your job aspirations. You should make this offer to relatives and friends only, not post it in a volunteer section!

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