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Posted in Working Mothers on 8th December 2010

Why can’t i watch videos in my windows media player?
I downloaded a few videos and when i try to open them with the windows media player it says “Error Downloading Codec” and i get absolutely perfect sound but no image.

Real player also doesn’t work.

I don’t think it matters but if your wondering i’m trying to watch “How i met your mother” episodes.
Thanks in advance

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Answer by Gary
Hi, you are simply missing codecs, they allow the player to decode the video file. Most people are going to recommend you get k-lite codec pack, I do not recommend that pack. K-lite has broken my system 3 times now.

I recommend you get shark007 codec pack, vlc player, gom player or the kmplayer. Shark007 pack will make windows media player play nearly anything by default. Vlc is the most simple alternative player which will play anything without a codec pack You cannot beat these 3 players. In my link below you will find step by step instructions to get shark007 up and running for your windows media player. At the bottom of my link you will find official links to these players. It’s up to you whichever you choose. If you still can’t play the file with any of these players or shark007 then the file is corrupt beyond playing. The shark007 vista pack is fully compatible with xp.

And no shark007 doesn’t have a virus it’s a false positive thats already been submitted to major antivirus companies for review by shark007 owner.

I hope this helps you out. See link below.

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