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Posted in Toddlers on 4th May 2013

Why are young people questions about the “parenting” category?
As one person mentioned, this ‘teen and preteen’ UNDER parenting. It is for questions regarding the parenting of teens and preteens. I’m not on the 13-year-olds to ask pregnancy, that is a whole other topic in itself, and I will not go into them here. I am for those who know what it is about her boyfriend or the answer to a math problem related to do. To not realize hey, people, there are categories for this stuff Best Answer (s):

Reply foreverproud I do not

Reply embsmg know
I ask myself the same as they ask questions such as do I look good? I’m like, what the hell. I do not understand it either.

to be Reply Kelly075
some young parents or pregnant

Reply ur2cooll
As the teen and preteen catagory is here. It’s our own little place.

answer by Kat + David = ♥
because we can. We claimed this category. if you like it you go to a differnt one

Reply the_1_ & _only
same thing I thought, but maybe we can write on Y! and tell them that change category, Because it is very confusing.

Reply 71Stang
Because other teenagers began. We should own our category. I’m a teenager. I ask there. We need a place for us.

Reply momma2mingbu
this is actually a forum on PARENTING teens want. Notice how it is with the “newborns” and “infants” and “school age” headings under “Pregnancy and Parenting”? It means that it’s supposed to discuss Parenting a TEEN ….. not a teenager.

answer be of Christine4tw
they are pregant and seek counseling. are you retarded?

Reply kizz
this is the teen section and PRETEEN

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