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why are they like this?
My new bf’s mother was sent to jail when he was a baby, and his fathers gf took him and his brothers in. SHe ended up killing his litle brother and is still in prison. His father is still dating her! The father seems nice, he fixes our cars for free (is a mecanic) and ALWAYS super nice to us, helps out my bf with his rent by staying there days a week, but is still with the baby killer!
My bf’s mother got out of jail after his little brother was killed, and she did a lot of drugs, so he was sent to foster care, and his second little brother was adopted by their extended family, but not him. He was granted special “legal” rights at 16 or 17, and has lived on his own working, going to school, paying rent even since then.
NOW he is 24, and JUST “found” his mother (she didn’t look for him) about 4 years ago, along with the rest of his family. He acts as though he has been with his family the whole time, and they didn’t abandon him, and they all act like they didn’t forget about him, and didn’t fuck up his brother. I don’t get why they didn’t adopt him (he was the oldest) and his little sister was taken in by their grandmother (she is 17) but they never talk. He now lives with his brother in an apartment.
YESTERDAY we went to his mothers house wherehe mowes the lawn every week for free, and he gives her $ 25 every month because she “can’t afford it” which is the gov. money she needs to pay for putting him in foster care, but HE pays for it! (she lives for fee at her friends house, and doesn’t work!) sooo We were there at the “mothers” house, and he was doing the lawn while she was out. She came home and demanded the $ 25 WHILE he was doing the lawn. He told her he didn’t have it (he was helping me pay for my car part) and she screamed at him, and told him to get out!!!!
so he stopped working, and she hasn’t called him since.
wtf? WHY are his family members like this? OBIOUSLY I can not do anything about it, but am just wondering what is going on? He is a really great guy, sweet, nice, helpful, and SUPER good citizen. IDK.

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Answer by khahrosh
The only real answer I can come up with here, Xoxoxo,
is that you boyfriend’s relatives are the way the way
they are becuase of conditionings of their relatives.
Family members of his who you might never have met,
and never will meet–because, maybe they’d passed away
years ago–might have lived under a lot of very bad sort of
circumstances; and that sort of thing can be “heritary.”
(But, not everything that’s heritary willl affect all of a
family’s members.)

I hope that helps some.

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