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Posted in Working Mothers on 31st December 2010

Why are the wives of the guys I work with so mean to me?
I am 25 years old, I have been working in a law firm of one of my dad’s friends for about 6 monthes. I am married, and I have a 3 month old little girl. I am the only woman who works at the firm as an attorney and the youngest there, most of the guys are 30+. During my six monthes there, there have been several parties and social functions connected to the firm. During the last monthes, the wives of the other members have become very mean to me. Most of them are housewives who have never worked a day in thier lives. They totally exclude me, one called me a “bad mother” even though my husband is a stay at home dad and an ausome father! They always knitpick at me, saying nasty remarks about my clothing, look etc. There was a party that one of them held for all of the wives of the firm, and I wasn’t even invited, they completely exluded me. I don’t get what is going on?? I am always very nice and get a long with all of the guys that I work with very well. Why are these women so mean?
I don’t wear suggestive clothing, I am a lawyer, I generally wear a skirt suit.

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Answer by SHORTY

Answer by tim2755
you must be hot! they’re jealous


Answer by Dawn
Maybe because you give the men a come on. Wear suggestive clothes or get way to familiar with the men. That’s why they like you. They are thinking, not to long and I’ll get some free sex.
Wives usually know someone they can’t trust.
Maybe you need to change your attitude.

Answer by Lyssa
They feel threatened, you may be married and have children but women know how some women can be scandalous, and im not saying your like that, but all it is is jealousy on thier part, and worry because you are the only women there and thier husbands are all working with you, it’s sick, but theres not much you can do, even if you are nice to them.. my best advice would be just let them be mean, you know your a better person anyways.

Answer by Bassetlover
There is your problem, you get along with their husbands. You are a threat. Alot of women can’t handle women in power positions (caddy yes, fair no). Maybe because they stay home and don’t work they are bored and have nothing better to do then sit around and chew the fat about “that woman” at the office. Don’t worry, unfortunately you will run into this the rest of your life don’t let their petty behaviour bother you.

Answer by luvlisteningtomusic
You want to think they are jelouse of you and you want us all to write that. We are not in your situation so therefore we do not know why these women think that way. Maybe there is a story going around about you and thier husbands told them. Maybe you are dressing way to sexy in the office and it scares them a bit. If my husband was working with a bunch of women and I knew this woman was attractive I would get to know her before I judged her in any way.

Answer by Michelle
You just might be prettier than all of them. More successful, happier maybe, They might be jealous of your life. Or maybe the guys working there are saying that their wives should be more like you. It has to be a jealousy thing.

Answer by cgspitfire
One, you’re young and working in a law firm with all men. Most of them probably treat you like a kid sister or a daughter which is probably irritating the wives. You’re considered a threat to them and you’ll have to deal with that if you’re going to continue to work there. Don’t let their attitudes bring you down. Hold your head up and maintain your sense of self worth.

I deal with doctors and attorneys and most of them have god complexes, but the wives who are at home all of the time are the most insecure people I’ve ever encountered. They have no sense of reality and if you’re younger and better looking than they are, watch out for claws!

Answer by Valerie
girl, I didn’t even FINISH reading what you wrote….I already know where its going. ITS JEALOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same thing here at the company I work for…..these damn businessmens wives are insecure bit$ $ idiots. Look lady, we don’t want your damn married husband!

At company functions, these dumb broads (who all look the same, mind you) treat us women that work with tier husbands like second class citizens…AND ITS OUR COMPANY FUNCTION- NOT THEIRS!!!!

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