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Posted in Child Support on 27th February 2011

Why are non-custodial Parents responsible for child support, when?
1) If you get layed off your Job?
2) and “unemployment” in your state is at an all time high!
I mean if you can’t even get a job in a burger joint, because No-one is hiring then Why are we non-cust. held accountable for Thousands in back child support??
Does that sound fair…its not a non-custodial parents fault by no means, that the judicial system does not Factor, anything beyond circumstances of which you can “not control”!
For one thing… “If” your still married and get “layed off” your not responsible for “child support” then, why is it “not” Court ordered to “pay child support” if the Judicial System is soo desperate for Money, of which they make money on… shouldnt it be wrong to tax child support, and tack interest on it too and then you get whats left??
What Gives, this is Soo wrong, its like a legalized form of extortion, and they are using our kids to make money with… and it sucks that almost 1,000,000 non custodial parents live on “half” of their income!!??
First of all I do not have an ISP, TV (Cable, Phone) , I use my work only… 2ndly no one read my question so far… and you can’t reason with (you should have thought of “not” having kids 15 years ago)… thats rediculous! There is no accounting for something many, many years ago, I am talking about circumstance, not some freakin past tense situation that “should have never happened”, but I am asking, Why is it this way now??? Answer the question, do not make comments on something that happened YEARS AGO!!! sheesh people!
Believe YOU, me “I AM” paying my child support to the full EXTENT of the “Court Order” to the number, however when I got “layed off” in 2001 (and didnt get imployed untill 2003) my back due Child Support went sky high, it is just plain rediculous that I have to “PAY” Interest on that back due child support money plus the freaking taxes on it and I will be paying for it FOR YEARS TO COME, because of something I could not control!!! Thats my Question and my Point!
every answer on here is Left wing, lesbian liberal BS! What is it with people that the moment you become non cutodial parent, Your “dead beat” regardless of your gender! My Dad never paid my mom child support consistantly (she still made it) are you saying some of you single moms out there can’t take care of your offspring either, yes it take 2 to tango, but it should be 50/50 no 60/40!! here is my point of referance: http://www.ancpr.org/ronhenry.htm
This is not a complaint, it was a simple question… apparently people on this planet do not know how to answeer questions, rather they Blast them with rediculous RANTINGS, that have no answers!!

Best answer(s):

Answer by Fishgutts
No one forced anyone to have a child man.

Answer by Maggie
Maybe you should have thought of that when you were having sex with the other parent!

Answer by patrickmcc55
But you dont have a problem paying your internet service provider.
Interesting priorities.

Answer by Nefertiti
I hear you. The whole system was set up to address the problem of children in need. Unfortunately, in the “one size fits all” scheme of things, all fathers get swept up in the “deadbeat dad” category, fairly or unfairly.

If you qualify, try to seek help from your local legal aid society or fathers group.

Answer by ziggunerin
If you are married and get layed off you are still responsible for paying your bills. Even though the child is not living with you YOU are still responsible for that child. Pay your child support and stop your bitching.

Answer by chlobug26
OH GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!! Do you think your measley amount of money you give per month even adds up to what your childs mother spends supporting YOUR child??? Guess what, if your ex loses her job, she is still liable to take care of your child regardless and SO ARE YOU!! Quit complaining and be a man and pay for your child that you helped bring into the world. Move to a state that has better employment rates if your so worried about it. TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILD!!!!!!

Nefertiti- Your a discrace to women

Answer by sasha
Your kids, your responsibility, sad for your kids though, You sound like you can’t even take care of yourself. Good thing she is taking care of them on a daily basis.

Answer by tysgrandma99
YOU could go into court and get the payments reduced until you get a job.Or you can keep playing on the computer and paying 25;00 for Internet.while your child goes with out.It was all right that you gave 1/2 while living with the children,and mom ..but the minute YOU stop you think they will go away..if you didn’t want children you should have keep it in your PANTS………..

Answer by jaimestar64cross
One, you are responsible for the upkeep of your kids — you helped to make them — it is also wise to save money for those unexpected events like layoffs (one has to make sacrifices) if you make babies…the child’s needs come before your own…that’s why I advise people against having too many kids — men should take note of this — there is always some kind of job — I have worked as a maid, dishwasher,babysitter, cleaned cars, worked at a stable,did private inhome care – because I needed money to support myself and take care of my obligations.. I went out daily to find work and when times got good I found steady employment in the healthcare field….

Don’t let pride keep you from taking a job as a handy man or janitor…. sell your computer and cut out the internet service and put that money toward paying child support — I never could afford a computer until 2001 !

Answer by dynamite_chick_13
lol- im a mom of two and neither one of the fathers want to pay anything to help. they blame me for splitting up with them… my son’s father is about 5 thousand back in child support. and the other one isn’t here yet, but damn right im gonna file for it. why shouldnt i? are they willing to help? NO! they both have already stated that. my son’s father said he will only help me if i am “with him”.thats messed up. i didnt lay down alone! takes two to tango baby! and our complaining cuz u have to live off of “half” your income. try being the parent thats responsible for them 24/7! quit being such a baby. if u dont want to help with a kid then keep ur stuff in ur pants.

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