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Posted in Child Care on 22nd April 2014

Who agrees that Obama’s use of the term “economic justice” simply means “full-blown socialism”?

Key excerpt:

Among his proposed “investments”:

• “Universal,” “guaranteed” health care.

• “Free” college tuition.

• “Universal national service” (a la Havana).

• “Universal 401(k)s” (in which the government would match contributions made by “low- and moderate-income families”).

• “Free” job training (even for criminals).

• “Wage insurance” (to supplement dislocated union workers’ old income levels).

• “Free” child care and “universal” preschool.

• More subsidized public housing.

• A fatter earned income tax credit for “working poor.”

• And even a Global Poverty Act that amounts to a Marshall Plan for the Third World, first and foremost Africa.
His new New Deal also guarantees a “living wage,” with a $ 10 minimum wage indexed to inflation; and “fair trade” and “fair labor practices,” with breaks for “patriot employers” who cow-tow to unions, and sticks for “nonpatriot” companies that don’t.

That’s just for starters — first-term stuff.

Obama doesn’t stop with socialized health care. He wants to socialize your entire human resources department — from payrolls to pensions. His social-microengineering even extends to mandating all employers provide seven paid sick days per year to salary and hourly workers alike.

You can see why Obama was ranked, hands-down, the most liberal member of the Senate by the National Journal. Some, including colleague and presidential challenger John McCain, think he’s the most liberal member in Congress.
But could he really be “more left,” as McCain recently remarked, than self-described socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (for whom Obama has openly campaigned, even making a special trip to Vermont to rally voters)?

Obama’s voting record, going back to his days in the Illinois statehouse, says yes. His career path — and those who guided it — leads to the same unsettling conclusion.
After college, where he palled around with Marxist professors and took in socialist conferences “for inspiration,” Obama followed in Davis’ footsteps, becoming a “community organizer” in Chicago.

His boss there was Gerald Kellman, whose identity Obama also tries to hide in his book. Turns out Kellman’s a disciple of the late Saul “The Red” Alinsky, a hard-boiled Chicago socialist who wrote the “Rules for Radicals” and agitated for social revolution in America.

The Chicago-based Woods Fund provided Kellman with his original $ 25,000 to hire Obama. In turn, Obama would later serve on the Woods board with terrorist Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground. Ayers was one of Obama’s early political supporters.

After three years agitating with marginal success for more welfare programs in South Side Chicago, Obama decided he would need to study law to “bring about real change” — on a large scale.
While at Harvard Law School, he still found time to hone his organizing skills. For example, he spent eight days in Los Angeles taking a national training course taught by Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation. With his newly minted law degree, he returned to Chicago to reapply — as well as teach — Alinsky’s “agitation” tactics.

(A video-streamed bio on Obama’s Web site includes a photo of him teaching in a University of Chicago classroom. If you freeze the frame and look closely at the blackboard Obama is writing on, you can make out the words “Power Analysis” and “Relationships Built on Self Interest” — terms right out of Alinsky’s rule book.)

Amid all this, Obama reunited with his late father’s communist tribe in Kenya, the Luo, during trips to Africa.

Best answer(s):

Answer by rukidding

Answer by Duane T
How far has capitalism got us? Nothing but war and famine! Of course, Dick Cheney likes it…

Answer by g man w
g man w raises his hand.

Answer by electra_glide_069
Why do you think the love affair is starting to smell? People are so mad at Bush they were ready to vote in anyone who had a pulse, but the Democrats decided to try the Socialist route and people are pushing away.
Look at the ignorance of the Obama people saying capitalism is the root of all evil. What a smart bunch. WOW

Answer by Rev. Cleophus
I agree. This is a point I made earlier.

Glad the word is getting out about this charlatan, Obama

Answer by Straight To The Point
You betcha! The United Socialist States of America.

Answer by CHARITY G
I’m a McCain supporters but I think everything mention (with the exception of the Global poverty act) is a good idea . . . but before we actively pursue any of those programs . . . we need to weed out discretionary spending or spending associated with programs that simply don’t work . . . 60% of our budget goes to entitlement program . . . we need REPLACE outdated or ineffective programs . . . not simply increase.

Answer by ritefielder14
Jeez, he really is for socialism.

STOP depending on the government for everything people.

My goodness, next on his list, have the government spoon feed every American for free.

(let us not forget his stazi police force plan he unveiled in colorado…didn’t hear about this one on the news…look up Obama’s national security force on google – Obama says it will be as big and as well funded as the military)

Answer by go avs!
Yeah, all of that sounds absolutely horrible. Why would we want to have an educated and healthy citizenry? That’s just stupid. I think we should continue to deepen our national debt, start more wars, make everyone go into massive debt in order to get an education and not be able to afford going to the doctor. That way we will force the people who can’t afford college to take menial, low paying jobs and since they can’t afford health care they will likely die off pretty early leaving only us rich folks. Oh, wait. Who’s gonna clean my house then?

Answer by Aleferny
I agree…… “free” job training for criminals is unmoral!!!

we should continue to keep them unskilled and without any opportunities for a better existence….. so that they can continue to be criminals!!!!!

nice logic

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