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Posted in Babysitting on 12th March 2013

Where the term “babysitter” from? come
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answer by steph
two words are combined ‘baby “and” sitter “is of course a baby, toddler or an infant and is a model used to see or rather etwas.check this link: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/babysitter # Etymology and http :/ / en.wiktionary.org / wiki / sitter

response from Faith4jesus
Well, says Webster’s online Origin of BABYSITRĂŒckbildung of babysitting First known use: 1947So it displays the word is has been around since the late 40’s was gewesen.Mein first thought might look like a few years ago when a mother went into the garden or something and could not hear their child can go to someone “SIT” in the house & keep an ear from the child to fragen.Wenn you see old shows like “I Love Lucy”, calling them come an older woman “seat” in the house while they go something ging.Macht sense? Agree “babysitter” may sound odd. They are not sitting on the baby. 😉 But the changes it makes to hear to sit for the baby or the baby sit more sense.

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