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Posted in Toddlers on 23rd December 2010

where should I go to be seen?
Ok-i just asked about having my toddler “sit” on my belly. I decided im going to go in bc it really hurts.

I was at the hospital on tuesday bc of a fall to my tailbone. I really wasnt happy with the way I was treated, and I am considering changing OB’s so I can deliver at the hospital that is actually closer to my house. Do u think it would be ok to just go to the onle that’s closer? The people at the other hospital were so rude to me, and I dont feel like dealing with that again.

Ugh…i really cannot wait to deliver this little girl!!

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Answer by badger
You may have trouble switching mid-pregnancy, but you should definitely try if you’re not happy with the other place.

Answer by Josephine F
I would encourage you to change Ob’s if your uncomfortable in the slightest, barring your in a low risk, uneventful pregnancy and not seeing a perinatologist or a specialist. Causing yourself any extra anxiety during pregnancy is not on your prenatal to-do list!

If you think you will be more comfortable with another Dr or Hospital, then by all means go for it.

Some people may say it’s not a good idea because the new Dr. isn’t familiar with your case, but like I said, if it’s a low risk pregnancy, your new Dr.s will communicate and all should be well.

I just had a friend switch Ob’s 4 times through out her pregnancy because her husband worked for the government and kept getting moved! She has a healthy baby girl, all’s well!

Good Luck!

Answer by Whitneyd
I switched mid-pregnancy and had no problems due to almost the same situation that you are gong through. You shouldn’t have any problem switching so long as you have been seeing a doctor since you found out your pregnant. They can easily get your medical records related to your pregnancy, from your other physican. Good Luck!!

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