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Posted in Babysitting on 1st November 2010

question of emo_skittlz : Where could I get a job at 14 ?
ok now I know how the first thing to want to go 20 people, in order to “get apap route or mow lawns or baby sitting,” but honestly that’s just not realistic in these days, I just got a truck and I need money to work so bad they have because if I my permission finnaly and well I need a job: p and a place, I would be thinking that in the city sindBiggy B KaffeePacsunGamestopWaldenbooks (really want to work in a bookstore: s) TargetPheonix Theater (Theater in the Mall) Book Nook (Bookstore) Bicycle Cafe ClassicsJakes ShopTim Hortonsund a few others, but I wonder if I at one of these to work at 14? and how would I apply for a job, and even there any tips that would help me hired in say, the bookstore: p Best Answer:

response from cultural theorist
paper route, lawn mowing, baby sitting, tutoring

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