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Posted in Babysitting on 19th January 2011

Where does time go?
WOW! I cant believe kasey kahne is going to be 28 on thursday. I remember when he was 12 and 13 at his dads shop kind of “babysitting” me while my dad worked on the sprints. back then i was 4 and 5 years old, now im going to be 20. Where does the time go?

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Answer by Winter Glory says Go Kyle Busch

Answer by fluffy
That’s not a NASCAR question. Try the mental health section, or religion.

Answer by gratedeaddog
thanks … ??

Answer by Mr. Dewey Cox
um… probably watching Nascar on Fox, Speed and On Demand lol

Answer by Hugh-G-Rection
Dang Girl,,, why didnt ya marry him.. You dummy.. You could be ridin round in a Lear Jet instead of drivin your beat up 1985 Honda Civic with the AM radio.

Answer by dalejr4ever
Time flys whether we want it to or not…every one gets older..we can’t stop the clock..

Go Dale Jr & Hms

Answer by Ed P
I wish I knew I can remember when Kyle Petty was a Kid of 9 or 10!!!!!!!!!

Answer by micheal c
one time, at band camp……….

Answer by republican4life
Soooo was that question just a way to tell us that Kasey used to baby sit you? Sounds like you might still need one.

Answer by GODSMACK
Thanks for the brief story. I am sure I will sleep better. BUT, you did remind me of something to add to the grocery list, a watch battery. Thanks.

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