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Posted in Toddlers on 20th December 2010

Where can I watch the 90s series Land of the lost?
When I was around 4 to 7 years old (I have no idea how old I was, 14 now :D) I grew up addicted to two VHS tapes of the 90s remake series of Land of the Lost. Unfortunately, the series was canceled before I was born, and all I had were two tapes. One of the tapes was destroyed by an evil being called “the Toddler” (I ripped the recording tape thingamajig out, not knowing what i was doing) leaving my one tape. I have wanted to see the series for years now, but have had no luck finding a website, and I’m not going to risk buying a DVD that could be fake. If you have any websites with even the first episode, please post a link!!! -do it for the children :(-

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Answer by enik1138
The 90’s version is not available online yet, unfortunately. And it has not been released on DVD either (though there are bootleg copies around). Hopefully they will see fit to release it soon, maybe to coincide with the movie DVD later this year?

But if you’re interested in Land of the Lost, you might want to visit my fan site with coverage of both versions of the TV series and the latest news on the upcoming movie. If the DVD’s are announced, you’ll see it mentioned there!

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