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Posted in Child Support on 4th February 2013

Where can I get a notarized statement that my mother does not receive child support?
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answer by Magnus Moss
I’m not sure what you could only have meinst.Sie ​​fill a written statement saying that they do not sign, then and there in front of a notary they have is notarize. (Many banks and the UPS Store have notaries) Your father might could do the same tun.In some states, you will be able to get one from the Division of Child Support Enforcement or Department of Revenue. (You would not necessarily know if it was informal child support the father to pay voluntarily, but.)

answer by Jonny Walker
of Child Support Enforcement. If they do not have any record of her then she may make a statement. I’m sure someone in this office is a notary.

response from CW
Nowhere. I meant you can get a notarized statement you have no one robbed? Think about it.

response from egypsies
Go to any notary. If you or your mom has an account with a bank, they will have a notary for you. Otherwise you are looking for a notary in the Telefonbuch.Eine notarized statement is something that you or your mother prints up to say something like this: “I, Jane Doe, at 123 Main St, anytown, Anystate, 99999.Ich am the mother John Doe, who is at 321 Some Street, anytown, Anystate 99999.Ich not receiving child support. “The notary will ask your mother to sign it before a notary. Then the notary stamp or otherwise add their notary Name.Das number and that’s it. This is a notarized Erklärung.Ihre Bank is no charge for the service. If you have AAA auto club membership, most have their offices also have a notary … call first a safe in the service … again, no fee if you’re a member of AAA sind.Good Luck

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