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Posted in Babysitting on 10th November 2011

Where can I find loving and trustworthy dogsitting for my Papillon?
My dog was abused at a kennel one summer when I took my kids to the beach. Imagine my horror at returning home to find her with a broken rib, unable to come to me and unable to eat. It was clear that she was in great physical and emotional pain.She was young and I was able to bring her around with a lot of love and attention but she is suspicious of men at times and growls if someone picks her up by her sides. I still feel guilty for leaving her although it was a “reputable” vet and was recommended. Now I can’t go anywhere even overnight. there must be someone who would love to “babysit” my little dog for a day or two…she is so sweet and entertaining, a joy to have around!m does anyone have a suggestion of where I might find a loving person or couple? I am new to my city and have no family here. PS. The vet denied any wrongdoing saying that dogs will harm themselves in their cages sometimes!

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Answer by i love tyson ritter
don’t no ,but how sad

Answer by I ♥ my doberman

upper right corner

Answer by Angela51525354
if 1 of your naboirs has a pet u can ask them to take care of it i wacthed my naboirs dog for about a week and he turn out fine

Answer by super girl
i’ll do it but you probably live in a different country than me so…sorry! 🙂 you could ask your neighbors or one of your friends to do it for you, you can even pay them or treat them to a dinner or something if you like when you come back. the vet just doesn’t want a law suit….and someone probably did abuse your dog which is really sad….what city are you in? maybe i could recommend someone….NO, i am not a stalker just someone trying to help a fellow dog lover out! 🙂

Answer by Alyssa J
See if you can find a local branch of a Papillon club or fanciers association online, if someone is in your area they would probably be more than happy to help you out.

also there will probably be listings for professional pet sitters in the phone books, there are generally some very dedicated loving people in there.

I have 2 paps myself and I know how sensitive they can be. If you happen to live in central maryland I would be glad to help you! lol. but good luck with your search, I’m sure you will find someone.

Answer by angelsforanimals
This makes me so mad. I have worked for the SPCA for many years and feel that many times the people that are in charge of caring for our pets, the people that we feel we should trust the most not only fail us but they fail our animals too. I dont know where you live so I cant really give you concrete advise but I do know that several times a day people will call the shelter that I work at and we have a list of volunteers that are very trust-worthy people. Many of these volunteers would happily dog/cat,etc. sit so humans can get some alone time away from animals. It even seems harder to book hotel reservations if you have an animal. Contact your local SPCA, Humane Society, or Animal Lovers League in your area and see if they could give you some good advise. I would love to see your dog. They are a very unique breed, one that we dont normally see at a stray animal shelter. Another thought just crossed my mind, see if you have a 4H group in your area. Believe it or not, a lot of the teenagers in these 4H groups are so responsible and they love animals too. Maybe one of them would not mind looking after your sweet dog. As far as your PS. statement, some animals do hurt themselves in cages but they dont break their ribs. I would have reported this abuse to the animal control officers or I would have called the local authorities and pressed charges for animal cruelty. No one should ever get away with abusing any other living being. I am so sorry that this happened to you and your poor dog. Good Luck!

Answer by Dog_trainer
Boarding kennels (and vets) are not the best places to leave your healthy dog. I’ve worked in both kinds of places and I wouldn’t leave my dog there unless it was an absolute last resort (no pun intended!) Like sending your kid to school, it exposes them to many other dogs and the risk of diseases like kennel cough. Most of the time, the dogs are not walked often enough and this may ruin your housebreaking. They may pick up bad habits like all-night barking or fence-fighting. And like you found out – they can be abused, either accidentally or deliberately.

Anywhere you go, make sure that you are allowed to inspect the facility. If they won’t allow this, they may have something to hide. If they give you a story about insurance rules, don’t buy it. The fences should be in good repair and the place should look and smell clean. Some kennels have video hookups so that you can go online and check in on your dog whenever you want.

It’s better to find someone who will care for your dog in their own home; someone who only takes a few dogs at a time. Ask your friends for recommendations – who watches their dogs? If you don’t have any friends with dogs, ask people at a dog park, pet store or obedience class. Make sure they have experience with handling dogs and know what to do in an emergency – theirs or your dogs. Do they have a fire escape plan?

If you have someone watch the dog at your house, be sure it’s a trusted friend or relative – or you may find all of your stuff ripped off when you come back. Or at least make sure they are bonded and insured and highly recommended.

No matter what you choose, be sure you have a written contract, stating the price that you are expected to pay and who is responsible for vet bills if your dog is injured or becomes ill. Make sure you get a copy of the contract as a receipt or you may have a hard time proving you left the dog with them if it disappears. Insist that they take contact phone numbers for you and someone else who is local in case of an emergency. It’s a really good idea to have your dog vaccinated and microchipped – in case he is lost, this is the most reliable way of getting him identified and returned home.

Answer by kimgoddess
Hi, sweetie, my Pap is a year 1/2 old. I don’t pick him up by the sides at all, he would YIP! I don’t know about the broken rib bit, though. That seems far-fetched even for a delicate breed like the Papillon…..unless…..she was left on a table or something and jumped off. Even then, that’s crap. Do you have a co worker or someone in the neighborhood? If you were nearby, I’d put her with mine!

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