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Posted in Child Care on 8th July 2012

When were women brainwashed to believe slavery = freedom?
It’s sort of funny, irritating, and sad at the same time when women mistakenly believe that working and accumulating stress from jobs has become a path to enlightenment for them.

I’ve noticed that they get so frustrated and confused for not having a “job”, but when they then get a job, they are even more stressed out, angry and worse off to the point of losing all of of their femininity… in other words “attractiveness”. It surely doesn’t seem good for their mental health.

So who manipulated women with such a deception of slavery to society in opposition to caring for family and children (Neglectful Day”care”, etc…) and when did this happen? Why is it now too late to reverse the cycle when two incomes are almost necessary?

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Answer by Helena
Hee hee – this is a choice – don’t get a job you hate. I LOVE my job. Not having a job is incredibly dull for most women and the solution to this is studying and finding a job you love and either getting a cleaner or splitting the housework up amongst the family. You clearly do not feel this way about your job or you would understand why women also need this kind of stretching, challenging and interesting work. If you feel that work is too stressful for you and makes you angry and unattractive perhaps you can find a woman with a career she does not want to give up and have a family with her. I think its great when men feel fulfilled by doing the housework and shopping and cooking – it doesn’t actually take more than 3 hours a day so you can either join a gym, find friends to visit or get into day time TV. Go for it.

Grappler – I got minor qualifications in nursing and social work which enabled me to get paid peanuts for care work which I loved. Hospitals, psychiatric units, children’s homes and homes for the elderly and those with learning disability – frequently those with challenging behaviour. When my daughter started school I went back to university and studied English Literature, history and philosophy. I now work as a tutor and language editor for a lot more money in my own time and volunteer as a mental health advocate which is where my main interest remains. I will soon earn enough to support my husband while he leaves the job that bores and stresses him and gets some recognised qualifications in the woodwork and small construction work he loves and is so good at. Don’t give up and accept anything that pays enough to live on. One of my friends just gave up a stressful insurance job to be a gardener and he is happy for the first time since leaving school. Another is working in a shop at the same time as studying as a reflexologist. It is easier to take risks like this when there are two of you bringing in money.

I also realise that not all women get or want high pressure careers but this is not the only thing that is rewarding. One of my friends did all that before marrying and having kids – now she works in a supermarket 3 days a week and enjoys getting out and seeing people. Another is just getting her youngest child off to school and is incredibly excited about starting work in a clothes shop twice a week – its been so long since she did anything. A couple of the mothers at the school clean houses and they feel really good about bringing in their own money and doing their own thing for a few hours each week. As serious business said there is a sense of self worth and pride which goes with bringing in your own money. Satisfaction too even if its just cleaning someone elses house instead of your own.

Answer by ★Serious Business ★
As much as I agree that work sucks,there’s no alternative. You can’t depend on someone else to take care of you,and I’ve got this pride thing that won’t let me rely on someone else. I’d rather work,even if it does suck. What’s with all the thumbs down for Helena? She’s right you know,and you would think men would appreciate the help. Men have always had to do all the crap work and sucky jobs,I’d figure they like having some of that off their shoulders.

Answer by The Grappler
Last question first – since much of the reason for the necessity for a dual income is quite simply the cost of housing – and this will not go down for a very long time even if dual incomes were abolished tomorrow – I’m afraid women are stuck with having to work, struggle to cope with all the other loads of life, suffering divorce, attain the sanctity of single motherhood, and die old, broke, and lonely.

I love the forever argument that goes on about women wanting careers – for most of them the ‘career’ is a menial job that they need to do to meet the bills – that or no job at all. Not many actually have the dream job (what EXACTLY do you do, Helena?), and many spend their life saying they should get the dream ob. hey – welcome to the club – most PEOPLE will do that! And most PEOPLE will work in lesser jobs than they are probably capable of, too – because that’s the way society works.

So – once again – all this glass ceiling and career rubbish is just that – rubbish. A nice way of putting sweet icing on the pill of gut-wrenching work and responsibility 24/7.

Welcome to the Real World. It ain’t Hollywood, sure as hell ain’t Disneyland – and f^ck me, Toto – it damned sure ain’t F^ckin’ Kansas.

Answer by whateva
I guess women just want their own MONEY.

Answer by James
Ah. I think I smell a conspiracy theorist here!

No-one MANIPULATED women to do anything.

Or aren’t they yet capable of making rational decisions for themselves?

Answer by randall
guess what, the greedy capitalists have tricked most americans into conforming to their pathetic soul grating life style. the sad fact is that you can obtain some pleasure from spending most of your time working for money (money of course just being an illusion) but thats not the kind of happiness people should really want. take some psychedelics, free yourself of this nonesense cultural conditioning, wake up and see what life is really about.

you are right in assuming that work is used as a sort of slavery. it definantly is. people need to come to understand that they dont owe society anything. capitalism is not what brought you into existance people, it was nature. the point of life is to appreciate being alive and appreciate the aesthetics of the world around you. work and money and materialism only distract from all that is important. america has lost touch with its sense of spirituality, no doubt about it.

Answer by Jessica
Jobs make people loose femininity. ok….

Jobs cause problems for our mental health…and children don’t?

@The Grappler…but I thought you said the problem with the economy was that women worked and there weren’t enough jobs for men? Now women need to work in order to help support the family?

Answer by littlevivi
Isn’t also a form of slavery to take away the ability to join the workforce and thus confining them to “caring for family and children”?

I’d like to point out that not all women that join the work force lose their “femininity”, just as not all women that devote their lives to caring for their family and children retain their “femininity”. Just as many bitter and angry housewives as working women, from what I’ve seen.

Answer by Just Me
I so love 1 sided agreement. If you are so worry about the kids you should quit your job and take care of them. That way you can leave your life of “SLAVERY” and be free. Funny how some peoples think of something as logical if it benefits them.

Answer by Rosalina
Staying home with a man who abuses his power is equivalent to slavery. Studies show that women who stay home with the children are prone to many more depressions and mental problems than mothers that work outside the home.

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