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Posted in Child Care on 2nd November 2011

When did you have your second child?
I know it all depends on the person but me and my husband are always going back and fourth on this subject. We are 22 and 23, married for almost 4 years, our son is two next month and we are debating when the best time to have our next child is. He says now, I say wait, he says “they need to be close in age” and I say “who really cares?!” So my question to you is, what is your opinion? What was easiest for you, raising them closer together or further apart? Like I said I know everyones situations are different but I’d just like to get some response! Thanks!

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Answer by krazy_gal04
I literally just had my 2nd daughter 17 days ago!!! But, to answer your question, my first daughter is just over 3 years old (she was 3 this past November)!! Anyway, I love the age difference for my two girls…my oldest daughter is @ the age now where she’s not really jealous; she just wants to help all the time!! 🙂 I can’t really give you an answer to your question as to the perfct age gap b/c, like you said, everyone has their preference, but i do know that I prefer my kids to be close together b/c my brother & I are almost 9 years apart & I hated it growing up!!

Answer by Pradeep
four years after my first child

Answer by BillieC
I had my two girls 19 months apart and i think its the best thing we could have done. They are so close and play together most of the time, it is great for me. I have a friend at playgroup who is 22 and she has just had her second 5 months ago and she too thinks that is so much better to have them close.
They will go to school closer together and then i can go back to work sooner.

Answer by kjay
My son is 3 and a half and will be one month off 4 when i give birth to our second child. I think its a good gap – works for us. Our son is very independent now, and is already looking forward to helping out with his little brother. I don’t think we could have coped with a closer gap – financially especially, but also emotionally.

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