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Posted in Child Care on 31st October 2010

question of + + + + Square : When asked to name the child, but his father now “cares” again ?
The same 17-year-old did I mention I was asked to come up with a name in honor to do for their child. * Cheers * However, people now think I’m going with it or something that’s more of a negative thing at school, although it is a rumor, because I bin.Nun 13, says the father of the child he “take care and sorry” but does not, of course, they denied its actions with other Mädchen.Die mother of the child’s help, but he may require to get custody of the child if it is born, how can I, if any, that always happens? Kool you really could not read my previous questions? Well, I have the details of which will also Post.An my school, teen pregnancy is an unfortunately common occurrence. I have seen some really promising students, seniors drop out. Some, though very few have support, but those who do not want that as a lower class, or more worthless thought of society. Our “Queen Bee” and abortion, which I very much agree with, but encourages them to listen rather than talk or adults, students have sex and get pregnant, then either has to want to cancel or herausfallen.Jetzt I understand people make mistakes, as one of my friends is pregnant auch.Kara a 17 years old to mother-to-be and her birthday was only less than a month ago. Her parents do not got their support and their “friend” several other pregnant and could care less. I approached her and asked if there was something I could do to help-c – C-(Outside in our vicinity, it does in the school would only draw unwanted attention to them) and she got angry and shouted, as they did not need anyone’s help to charity. I do not know what is wrong, I’m confused Best Answer:

reply KoOlaiDkid
Huh? I’m lost but you are 13 you are in relation to the girl in any way or form? seinnicht accurate to a question put and expect that we Details kennen.Post more details and I will bearbeitenEdit: Well there’s nothing you can do sweetie. That’s business and all you have to do is go to court. All ask again .. If you are with this girl …. but please let me answer the question, my self, you said, people say you go out, so I’m guessing you guys are friends … but it is in high school and you should be in middle school, as you know all this?

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