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Posted in Child Care on 16th February 2013

When a man is in his mid-40s, never married – that would believe me, he wants to settle down ?
I met a man recently through a mutual friend. He is in his mid-40s and never married. He is 12 years older than me and says that he was 5yrs focused only on his career and now he wants to settle down. I try to stay open, but I’m skeptical of this. What should I be looking to see if this guy is really ready to settle down? Can it be so Best Answer (s):

response of ladybugs
Yes, it can be seen, or a background for him if you want to be sure.

response from Michelle Foxx
I think once he pulls the ring then you’ll know. Xoxo 🙂

Answer by Owen E First
he probably about being alone in his later years, and he is not getting any younger and numbers is concerned, if he go to someone his life with better do it now spend before it’s too late to find. But if you really want children, he will be in his 60, though they look a teenager perhaps for someone your age. He’s getting old and is probably nothing more financially successful go on his plate for him figures he is giving marriage, only to capture a thought. Remember most women’s sexual peak it hit there early to mid-thirties, he can hold?.

reply by Mandy Shrew
Who knows. Just wait it out and see the changes for themselves.

answer by Insight Addict
he is a man in his mid 40s, of course, he wants to settle down is, he’s had his fun, and assumes that you are a much younger woman, it is a breeze.

response from somber1912
I know how you feel and I think the only thing you can do, the date is observed him and his actions …> Does he want spend much time with you?> Can he deal of time alone with you?> Did he invite the functions with his friends and family?> Is it flexible on some things? In other words, he is realistic in his expectations and can go with the flow at times, or is it fixed in his desires? (! If it stiff and ridiculous, that is a red flag is this species should you run out of) Example: Expected to cook and clean and take care of children, and a “go-getter” type, the per 50-hour week works and makes the dough to be … not gunna work!> Does he have priorities in order based on similar priorities for you?> he is quite capable of taking care of himself and is not a mama’s boy boy or rely on another person or persons who care to “take “from him? (This would be a big red flag)> Is he kind, loving and forgiving? …. These are just a few that I could think of … just do not marry until you are 100% sure that he is able to have such an obligation. You have a good idea! Over time and sometimes it does not take long to figure it out Good luck to you!

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