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Posted in Child Care on 24th November 2011

Whats wrong with my names I picked out?
so in school i took a corse called “child care and baby care”

and i was given twin boys for it. The story with it(yes i take home 2 dolls) is that I adopted 2 boys from Mexico

so i decided on The names

Joshuah(yes with the 2nd h) Wicho
Jaime Reno
Jaime Luis (pronounced High-me)

but my friend from Mexico argued and said that

Reno = Rain deer
Wicho and luis are the same name. but I choose the name Wicho after the boys brother. and I love the name Luis. I know people around here wouldnt know they were the same name.

I am asking because I get marks for the name also. so we dont end up with names like “Poopie baby” or something like that.

but if the teache doesnt like your names that you picked. then she or the class can change them. Its Not and easy class. so i need all the marks i can get… wot do you think?

also these are names that I really do like.
If i was asked to name a real kid I’d name the Jaime and Joshuah.

Best answer(s):

Answer by alexxdaviess
the names are fine, keep them

Answer by Esquire
don’t like them

Answer by ashnm_22
the names are fine, teacher will like & give good remark for them….i wouldnt stress over it that much that are just dolls, hate to see when u have a real baby.lol

Answer by countrychic25
i think the names are fine it is your project and you names dont worry what your friend thinks.

Answer by shiningapprentice
how old are they supposedly when you adopted them becuase theres no reason you have to you spanish words or pronounce jamie that way.

Answer by Cloe A
listen to the mexican mate of urs they know what their doing

Answer by Bunnee
Keep the names. I think the teacher will be fine w/them.

Answer by the archer
Keep the names.
They are nice.

Answer by Belanna Jouel
It’s not like you named either one Poncho and Sancho. I like the names you chose because it was out of careful thought and not out of fun or amusement. So your intentions were clear and not in any way offensive. I think your friend from Mexico is offended because she’s in different shoes than you are. She is more reflecting on herself when it comes to the name issue because she comes from Mexico herself. However, instead of being argumentative, I think it would be better for her to be more supportive, encouraging, understandingand even assertive when she tells you what the names actually mean. After all, you didn’t mean any harm and we all make mistakes. If you like the names, then don’t change them. Why should the teacher or the class rename the baby just because they don’t like it? Is it not enough that you didn’t name it ‘Poopie Baby’? The real focus needs to be about ‘child and baby care’, not ‘proper parent bestowed labels’. If you lose marks because of the naming situation, then I must say that I am disappointed in your teacher for not promoting and maintaining a learning environment where people accept and respect each other and where people can positively and creatively express themselves.

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