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Posted in Toddlers on 1st November 2010

question of Mama to Kiara Grayden & Bryant : What is your opinion about a small child, “Dish” ?
I want all Meinungen.Ich think leashes are for dogs. no children. yes, we live in a scary world … but that’s why I never leave my daughter out of sight. I also think that a well-minded child to remain on their parents. My daughter does not talk to strangers and to others they know doesn’t. and she never leaves my side when we are off. I am confident in my ability to keep up with her when we are off. * * But we alos live in a small town, and I can see where someone in a busy city, you may want your child to (as I call it) to hold a lead. i dont understand why a stroller dont.wirklich …. maybe it’s just comes from growing up in and raise my children in a small town … but my daughter is 4 meters in front of me, even during a walk in the business and it’s never so busy that people in the way and I can see them. and I think (also part of life in a small town), we all look out for each other … so I know to be someone to snatch my daughter there would be 10 people running after me after her. Maybe I’m just really not the slightest idea how it would live in a place where I trusted no one would. I could not imagine raising my children in this type of environment! But then again …. even in a large bustling city …. If a replacement part for a lead hand, you have a free hand to hand your child …. keep right ?????? I have decided to … I’m never one for my children. I wanted all opinions, so I know what to think parents when I see a child in a harness and think “what the hell their parents think.” In the not entirely against it. i dont think the use of a harness is bad education. I am the parents of my children and you from you. we all make our own decisions Best Answer.

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Tacky! Just hold her hand

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