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Posted in Child Care on 19th June 2012

What you think about President Bush worshiping an Owl God and engaging in mock human sacrifices?
President Bush long time member of the “Bohemian Grove club” in northern California.Its a place were people in power go to meet once year. There they do mock child sacrifices to an owl god “Moloch” , called cremation of the care(they bring a bound body of a child in a casket and burn it alive) . They also dress as Druids and do other weird Pagan rituals.

heres a picture of Bush senior and Jr. at the Bohemian Grove

A video of the mock child sacrifice “cremation of care”at the Bohemian Grove .

ya , LEAVE him alone..hahahaha, this guy sacrifices small children 40 foot owl (and he is president of this country) and you don’t see anything wrong with it..its just a hobby. hahaha..are you insane?

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Answer by Jack
Everyone has the right to a hobby. Leave him alone.

Love Jack

Answer by imhotep527
Mock? or Practice?

Answer by thc451
Proof of a very primitive mind set-Skull and Bones,the very name connotes something beyond a mere frat-boy persona.These symbolic rituals of the Entitled class are no laughing matter.They need to be opened up,researched and discovered for what they are-an elitist conspiracy to undermine the common American! As wacky as this may sound it is high time to expose this baloney for what it is.I can see that I have missed nothing of any note and have wasted yet another answer on some sophomoric whim.

Answer by Dan K
Actually, that was an episode from “The Simpsons” called “The Stone-cutters Cult”. The “Owl God” is all-knowing and all-seeing. Maybe the president is going to him for advice on the economy. But seriously folks…Do you slack-jawed, whack-job liberals only get information from blog sites? Youtube.com is the electronic equivalent of The Enquirer or The Star (newspapers). They are in business to sell their product by inventing any urban legend or other sensationalism that will “hook” the conspiracy-hungry and simple-minded. Look, if the thought of pagan rituals performed by grown men in druid-ware and such fascinates you-go with it. Otherwise, try to do some real research and pry yourself away from the ultra-nutty blogosphere. Dan, you sound very young and gullible. Don’t swallow all the propaganda that the left-wing feeds you!

Answer by Fortunatas Wisdom
The world is governed by the whims of America, itself ruled by the prostrated and broken man and his eve kali. This union is not entirely unlike the Charles and Camilla union of sado-masochistic lasciviousness. Camilla’s boudoir equestrianism and scurrilous antics are well publicised in the media.

We live in times of Holy war, Armageddon and feminist rule. {Prostitute is such a harsh word in good company}.
The American Christians have a voice and power. Alas the media and government work upon a quid pro quo agreement and this union also is the anti-christ trinity threatening to destroy the entire world. Alas witch burning is timeless tradition that has been rendered defunct. This lax has contributed to the rise in the use of black magic and witchcraft, facilitated by the ungodly, immoral and persons of no respect or good social repute.

Praying deeply from the soul for universal peace.

Answer by queen
I think it’s creepy.

The Bohemian Grove has always scared me, not so much for the weird rituals (although they are pathetic and spooky), but more for the secret political machinations that go on there.

The Grove is on the Russian River where I used to go on vacations. I used to get creeped out just paddling by there in my canoe in broad daylight.

Answer by wiseless
HEY MAN! its not his fault he got elected… if the people were stupid enough to vote for him its their problem… bush is awesome, hes like stiffler

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