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Posted in Child Care on 20th June 2012

What you think about President Bush worshiping an Owl God and engaging in mock human sacrifices?
President Bush long time member of the “Bohemian Grove club” in northern California.Its a place were people in power go to meet once year. There they do mock child sacrifices to an owl god “Moloch” , called cremation of the care(they bring a bound body of a child in a casket and burn it alive) . They also dress as Druids and do other weird Pagan rituals.

heres a picture of Bush senior and Jr. at the Bohemian Grove

A video of the mock child sacrifice “cremation of care”at the Bohemian Grove .


Best answer(s):

Answer by Begonia
Get a hobby!!!!!

Answer by FilmRedneck
As long as he’s off the clock, I don’t give a rat’s @ss what he does.

Answer by 1%er
First off there are a lot of Presidents on both sides who were allegedly members. Second, even if he did those things what does it matter? OOhhh they went to the woods and went fishing and hiking. So scary, get a life.

Answer by just some chick
Yeah, that’s creepy. Why is it scary for a presidential candidate to maybe have gone to a Muslim school as a kid and it not be scary for people to be in weird culty clubs?

Answer by nicolasraage
bla bla bla..

It’s a stage play, and every year they get prominent members of the club who aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves on stage for part of it.

the bohemian grove club is a an outdoor party atmosphere/ retreat for the extremely wealthy. That is it, get over it.

Answer by RT
At least he’s not sitting mindlessly in a church for the last 20 years listening to anti-american rantings.

Answer by Off the Wall
Well I’m convinced. It’s not like Alex Jones in a kooky nutjob, right?

Answer by xxjuggalettexx
what the hell is that? thats fucked up!! i always thought he should be assassinated!!! sick mother fucker!!!

Answer by Vinnie S
ooooo…can I play?

Answer by Watership Down
If that was all he did, that would be a laughable joke. If you REALLY want to find out some F’ed up stuff, read a book titled “The Franklin Cover-up” by John DeCamp, a former Nebraska state senator.

I do CAUTION you however, to read it only if you have the stomach for learning the worst things imaginable about our society. As well for the website below.

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