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Posted in Babysitting on 26th September 2013

What would you do PLEASE READ AND HELP?
im a newbie and im 14 and a cheerleader, I have an older brother whose 17 and a junior. he is our schools quarter back, and everyone in the school is like inlove with him. and everyone knows me as “billy little sister” his friend commented on one of my photos on Facebook, not his best friend, but a very good friend of his, whose lot in our house. say “wow someone is very pretty,” and then I measured and anged him weve speak for about a month now I like him and I think he likes me, my brother sees me still like a little kid .. I mean hes three years older than me, but hes still gets left to “baby sit” me when our parents go, but we also have two siblings younger than us, but everyone who I do not know how to tell him , me and his friend talk, were close and the rousing hes older brother always and I could never put his friend to think before our relationship, but I’m really happy with it, how you think and react hell, how can I tell him ? Best Answer (s):

response from nutella
He will probably be very defensive, which is normal for an older sibling, especially a brother, and even more so because this guy is his age. Tell your brother than you really like this guy, but if he is a bad idea, thinks, then you need to decide who is more important (I suspect that the answer is your brother). As a side note, be careful when always with older boys. Even if they are super nice, they often have other priorities so just watch your Rücken.Hoffe that helps!

Reply by Stephan T
If you really feel that your brother will put you before his friends then do the same to his friend sollten.Halten your Freund.Manchmal us GUYS hook up with girls for trophy reasons. Keep your family name clean worried by some of your Kindsköpfe.Wenn about one guy, you always have guys interested in you, no matter was.Nun to find the gem of a guy, it takes time.

response from it’s not me, it’s you
Well, if that boy you’ve got to talk it a good enough friend and your brother knows that he does not You then use it to say. Before you do that, ask your brother if his friend is always talking about you. If your brother is in the vicinity of this boy, I doubt that it will stop him from dating, because you will not change it from your brothers relationship with him as a friend. Your brother might be embarrassed or the third wheel, but the good thing is that he gets to come more often. Fortunately, D

answer by Just Me
Now the only real way to find out and ask him. I think the sooner the better, because what will you do if this guy makes you wonder? Then it will be too late. Plus, if your brother does mind and you have to decide, and you will probably choose your brother, right? Then not only would you have his good friend, but also to perform it would have broken his heart, and put an uncomfortable tension between him and your Bruder.Also my advice is to take it casually. Or ask him to take you to lunch and tell him there. Just say something like, “Hey bro, you know that a good friend of yours-insert name here-, me and him were talking on face book and you know I’ve never really noticed, but he’s really cool I am. like him. “you know .. something to that effect. And of course it can go one of two ways, it can be okay with him, or he will not suck completely okay with it, that would be. You may need to convince some effort into it, putting, but if you really want this guy, I’m sure if you understand your brother how he will feel. Good luck and go get ’em!

Reply diddyvi
I think that u should first ask the friend if he is the best time to tell ur brother, u all think about relationship. I do not feel like u should hide anything from him, mad cause u dont want to lose that trust, that all u have goin even if u feel like it. Now u have to make sure u tell him that yes, I know that uu are 14, but that does not mean that he has to treat it like a 14 years u completely. He could lil including respite, but still keep an eye on u But tell him, at least his his friend and his friend should give him a peace of mind. But u need ur brother also meet halfway and do not feel like he mad the wrong decision …. And that’s only if he is cool about it … When he’s not cool bout it again another day, try tallk only to have it ….. Try not to make crazy cause by acting in a certain way could he his friendship with the boy Good luck and hope that iu advised enough …

answer by sara
older brothers are like father, u as your brother friend who is the difficult i do not think he like that cause u said that he believed u still a child, no matter what to wait for some time before telling him like, somehow things first u start the discussion about friendship from both of u see his reaction first.

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