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Posted in Child Support on 12th October 2012

What would happen if you left the country and you had child support?
You left the country unexpectedly and left the country forever. Would they still make you pay child support through different countries? If so what if you left the country illegally, not like to Mexico or something but you went to Canada and drove to Alaska and then took at boat too Russia, and then was never seen again, then what? Would they try to find you no madder what? Or would they say: “well that person better never put foot on American Soil or he’s in deep trouble”. Or would they say to the ex-wife, “well your ex-husband unexpected left the country and cannot be found, so your out of luck when it comes to child support.” Well whatever the scenario is what would happen if you unexpectedly disappeared?

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Answer by Juicy
you are a low life scum bag. all this crap just to avoid paying child support? karma will be waiting for you.

Answer by what?
Just do it. You might be doing her a favor. Then she can get some assistance from the government. But when you try to come back, you will regret it. ANd trust me you will come back. And what about when you get old? You will want a relationship with your kids as opposed to living in a nursing home in another country. But, maybe you should go for it. ANybody who would think of something like this, the child and mother would definitely be better off without you.

Answer by “try it”
The only way you can get away from child support is if you are DEAD !!

Or you give up your rights and somebody else adopt the kid !!

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