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Posted in Working Mothers on 31st October 2010

question I : What word do you prefer instead of “birth mother” ?
Is it better to “the mother who gave birth to you” belong And what do you dislike the word most and why here are some others I’ve heard?? Biological Mother genetic mother natural mother first native real MutterIch have with “birth mother”, because it is the word that was used in foster parent training ist.Ich would like a word that is respectful to the person who gave the birth of my children to use, but I need a word that I with my children, not confused can use. First Mother’s confusing because the first mother can remember it is a different foster mother – not the woman, the birth or the woman who raised them were. Normally, I am referring to the first birth mother by name (as in Mama _____,) but do not really understand what their relationship is to them. The first concept, they need to understand is that this is that Mama _____ is the person who gave birth to you. Then there is a lot more things I need to get over them about the good qualities she inherited from her and not the very difficult question of why they live with her. I need to get this information in the most positive way possible verstärken.Ich think there is a difference between a really disgusting word like “incubator” and “birth mother.” Someone else mentioned they had started with “biological mother”, but that sounds so cold and impersonal for me, and could lead to a donor who did not want to carry the child for 9 months, refer such a way that almost reductive of the part it plays in their lives. Do others prefer this term, and if so why? Perhaps the preoccupation with “birth mother” is that the implication that their feelings about the child at birth to the end? I do not know, but maybe that’s why people would not know how the Begriff.Ich like to hear from all members of the triad, because we wanted a word that works for all benötigen.Danke.PS I really have no intention of anyone with my use of this term to insult, and have even used it to my own parents belong I’ve said things like (I’m not accepted.): “I grew up with my biological parents, so I can only imagine what it is, this connection “or” people who have grown up with their birth families turn out not always like them either “(the last, the girl was afraid she might be an alcoholic, as could their original mother was a . I told her her mother was probably not an alcoholic, but a very nice person in a difficult situation.) It seems like the word “birth mother” offended a lot of people b / c of the context in which some people use it. For me it implies the genetic relationships that are always as the months with the child in the mother’s body – these things are part of the birth of a child. I do not see anything about to show up, the “gentleman skipping away” that someone mentioned and certainly would never guess a person to a womb to verringern.Aber me if others have the word as it has acquired a negative association used haben.Ich agree with Pip, which should in all situations of life the people to decide what are words to define it, and I try to use the preferred words, if there is a clear consensus about what those words. It was not a word here that everyone liked. I see problems with all of them, so I think I’ll use too many words together to try to clear my mind and simply to avoid labels in general Best Answer.

reply cathrl69
I do not see how “the mother who gave birth to you” is preferable. It means exactly the same. It is only umständlich.Interessante point about “biological mother” (and “genetic”) gab.Ich not necessarily referring to the mother, the birth of the child think with their name, and explain, if necessary, using of much more than a single word, is about as good as you will be received. I do not think you ever find a term to accept the people, because once it is adopted, it is considered derogatory again. And to a person by name (or nickname) will always be more comprehensive than a label or relationship. For everyone. “Your father is much further away than” Daddy. ”

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