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Posted in Working Mothers on 2nd February 2011

What to put on a job resume when you’ve been a stay at home mom for the last 3 years?
I’ve been a full-time mom for the last 3 years and now it’s time to go back out into the work force… I think I will put “Domestic Engineer” or “Full-Time Mother” in the work experience part of my resume…but I don’t know what to add after that as far as the details go without sounding too mommy-ish. I already have “maintained finances and logistics for a family of four” but I need to add more …I don’t want to put “cooking and laundry” as far as experience…Some employers may frown at that. Please help?? How can I make this sound professional?

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Answer by EvangelistPaul
As a boss for 12 years (before going into full time Evangelism), I had to hire many people.

One thing I always hated on a resume was what I called “filler”. This is where someone will put all kinds of stuff that does not really apply to the job they are wanting. Or, they will add qualifications that are not really “qualifications”….I.E. “Domestic Engineer”. Sounds good, but really does not mean a thing.

Tell the truth, and only put on the resume the information that is pertinent to the job your seeking.

Good luck

Answer by lolly
No, I wouldn’t put something like that on it at all. It doesn’t sound professional and there is no point in trying to make up qualifications which are really just everyday life experiences.
What did you do before you had children? Surely you have had some work experiences that you can put down. Just put those skills down and put on it what places you worked and when. They will ask you what you have been doing since the last time you worked 3 years ago, and at this point is when you explain to them that you were looking after your children.

Answer by Queen of Monsters
Tell the truth. You stayed at home with your children because you felt that was a crucial time that they required their mothers care. Now you are ready to re-enter the work force and you can enter a job without the worry of your children being with some other than you. Utilizer your past experience(s) to your benefit. Show eagerness toward the position.

Good Luck!

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