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Posted in Child Care on 5th December 2010

What to look for in Tucson Child Care

‘What Tucson Child Care is Right for me?

Q Will this Child Care Provider truly care for my child?
A This is the most important question to consider when looking for a Child Care Provider. Make sure you visit the facility
at least once before deciding to enroll your child and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The best preliminary way to
discern whether or not your child will be cared for is to ask questions of both the director as well as your child’s prospective teachers. Make sure that you pay attention to the answers given to you, as well as their enthusiasm towards their job. Many facilities would also allow you to spend some time in observation of the prospective classroom so that you may get a feel for how it is run. Look for classrooms that are well run and suit your needs.

Q Is this facility safe for my child?
A During your visit to the prospective facility it’s important to keep an eye out for things that can pose threats to your child’s safety. The most important red flags will be obvious, such as broken equipment or children left unattended around objects such as adult scissors. Make sure to politely point these things out to the employee who is giving you the tour. Another thing to look for is how well the playground is contained. Smaller chain link fences can become potential kidnapping or escape routes if not well-maintained.

Q Is this Child Care feasible?
A Do your research and make sure this is the best facility which meets your travel and time needs . Sometimes you will need to compromise for a seemingly lower quality facility because the others are not open during the hours you need them to be or are too far out of your way.

Q Are there different kinds of Child Care?
A Definitely! There are many discernible differences between licensed facilities, home care, and Montessori schools. Also, there are many facilities with religious affiliations. Home care or smaller facilities may be best if you don’t think your child could handle larger class sizes. Montessori schools teach in mixed age classes ( 3-6, and 6-12) and are focused on educational training. Traditional Montessori schools have a 3 hour period of uninterrupted work where as regular facilities will have lessons and crafts that focus more on play an environment than rigid study hours.

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