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Posted in Child Care on 17th February 2013

What a man is suppose to do?
If a woman leaves her newborn on his porch, he does not know where she lives, because she has drawn from her previous home. She leaves a note “this is your son. Take care”. He has no idea what to do and is freaking out. What he wants, when he wants to keep the baby? If he does not? I will give ten points to secure the best answer for you Best Answer (s):.

response from jsnforce
Visit your local child service center. They will care for the child while testing to see whether you’re the father. From there, if it is you, and you want, it is yours. If not, you can do it up for adoption. You agree alles.Shame on the mother though.

response from Marcus
Call the police, and they will handle it until you get to keep the proper authority, the child as a DNA test.

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