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Posted in Child Care on 27th March 2013

What a man is suppose to do?
If a woman leaves her newborn on his porch, he does not know where she lives, because she has drawn from her previous home. She leaves a note “this is your son. Take care”. He has no idea what to do and is freaking out. What he wants, when he wants to keep the baby? If he does not? I will give ten points to secure the best answer for you Best Answer (s):.

response from Charles
1 DNA Test2.Orphanage3. …? 4.Profit!

response from Rebecca
you must establish paternity and custody. By dispensing with their child in the manner they did, their parental rights will be terminated very likely. Leave a baby outside someones door is normally a capital offense abandonment. You must contact CPS or DCFS what the agency called in your country. Police call them for you if you want to start with them. CPS will notify you of the next steps to establish paternity and always Gewahrsam.Herausgegeben Add: He needs to take a parenting class. Find a pediatrician. Arrange for child care while they are working. Go shopping for diapers, sleepers, blankets, bottles, baby food, a cot (portable should be fine), and a car seat. These are add Nötigste.Herausgegeben: Avoid CPS in a case like this is very unwise. If the child turns out not to be yours, you will be in big trouble with the state for not notified immediately. This is not Hollywood. It is a real baby. You do not want CPS questioning your judgment as a parent if you child.

want to keep response from Wayne He
also needs only a lawyer and explain what happened and if there was a chance that the child is his, he can make arrangements to keep baby.A DNA test, where they. mouth of two suab and run the test to prove himself quickly, paternity The whole may be signed by the attorney, including the monitoring of the mother, the wife of the parental rights. Be treated

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