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What the child support law in IL?
I’m 22 and my ex crazy gf is 19. She claims she took a pregnancy test and it came out negative at the doctors office, but she said that since they DR. didnt have enough urnine that she has to come back in 2 week for a blood test to test for pregnacy. How does that make any sense. If the urine test came out negative then why would she have to come back in 2 weeks to take a blood test? If she is pregnant, I dont want anything to do with her crazy butt or the crazy so to be kid…Whats the child support law in ILLINOIS? What happens if I dont want anything to do with her or the child? I know her dad is going to make her take me to court for child support “if” she is pregant so how much would I have to pay? She doesnt even have a job to support a child. I think she maybe just saying this bc i broke up with her crazy butt. What happens if she is pregnant?

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Answer by Ashley R
Well, a urine test may be negative depending on the level of hormones and how far along she is. It also may have come out as an “equivocal” meaning that it is not enough to be positive. Usually equivocal are considered a negative for tests.

You will be required to show up to take a paternity test when they file for child support. If you do not show up, it will be assumed you are in fact the father and you will pay a court determined amount based on your income level. If you do not pay it, your tax returns will be garnished and your wages may be garnished till the back due amount is met. Never pay child support in cash. Only checks or through the government program so you have proof of payment.

You will also not have rights to the child till you file for those rights even if you are paying child support.

If she is pregnant and it is yours, you are looking at 18 years of being tied to her due to the child. If you don’t want anything to do with the child, he or she will probably resent you for the rest of his or her life. Trust me, I’ve seen it in my friends who have deadbeat dads that just paid child support but didn’t want anything to do with them.

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