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Posted in Child Care on 22nd November 2010

issue of Mini : What song has the lyrics “Let the beat roll, everyone in line”, etc. ?
I want the name of the song and the band, please. Here, the lyrics are:… “We are just aa baby We’re only a child, we are wide awake, but our legs are wobbly Did not, were hyper, and we look into space with a brim on our faces So give us. what causes either were asked were so going to take it. Our power doesn’t amount to nothing. We have the land on which you’re standing, so let’s go, it must be bewegen.Wir old as hell. We are all children say, when to kill and when to sit still. Everyone does what we say “up to our end of life” until our breath is empty. They give us cause to ask what or so were Gonna Take It doesn’t Our power to nothing we need to run the country you’re standing so let’s go to move it. Yes, you need to let go of him bewegen.Waren same, we move your people from the planet, God damn cause we have to simply let the Kraftstoff.Also [scroll bar] roll over all in the line [one in line]. So let [scroll bar] simply roll over all in the line [one at a time]. They give us what were asking for Cause God is with us and were always the richest. Our power does not amount to nothing. It runs on blood and blood is readily available if you have no shame. We do not let the sun fade Scham.Also [let the sun fade] we do not have light [and we still burn brightly]. We let the well go to hell, and leave the earth’s surface, the worthless and the dirt-Let the Beat [roll the clock] roll over all in the line [one in line] . Do you think we stopped there a reason you think it’s fair Do you think it’s fair Do you think we care “ best answer??

response of Summer
Artist: The thermal song: Can not run nichtsSie are an indie punk band from the USA.Ich certainly hope that helped:)

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