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Posted in Working Mothers on 5th January 2011

What should Ringo do with his guy night out?
Sigh! My girlfriend is going out with people from the office. I am not invited. So, my Friday night is free. I am getting a massage after work. Other than that, I don’t know what to do.
If Eva, the cute Latina girl works today at the store, I might ask her out for a drink after work. Platonic only. Maybe dinner. There’s a Chiptole’s in the mall. She can give me a Spanish lesson over tortias and a burrito.
Night clubs. Night clubs. Look I am too old for that lot. Maybe a pub where I can have a seat and chat with a few people.
She told me where the pub is that she is meeting her friends from work. I could go there but that would be stalking. I’ll bet it’s some guy at the office that she has the hots for and that’s why I am not invited to come along. But if I crash the office party, uninvited, that would be totally uncool and she would dump me.
I thought of calling one of my guy friends. Maybe Alice Cooper. I haven’t seen Alice in a while.
“Alice, it’s Friday night and my girlfriend isn’t with me. I am lost. This boy.”
“Look, only women bleed. Stop whining. From now on, man up. No more Mr. Nice Guy! Hey, be yaucht, how about another round of beers for me and my buddy? I’ve been waiting here since last year, sister!”
“Here are your two beers, Mr. Cooper.”
“Yeah, and here’s your quarter tip. That’ll pay the tax on your kids Pampers. Stick it in the single working mom fund.”
“Thank you, Mr. Cooper.”
I don’t know. Maybe Alice is right. Alice has no respect for women, at all. He slaps them on the behind, gives them quarters for tips in bars and restaurants, and makes fun of single mothers.
“Richard,” says my mother. “Why don’t you go to church? You can meet yourself a nice girl at church. Not like the tramp you are dating now.”
“Mum,” I said. “I am happy with the woman I am dating now. Bugger off, mother.”
I had to tell Alice not to slap my mother’s behind and throw her a quarter tip. Although, me Mum’s in her seventies and she would Luv it, no doubt.

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Answer by Frank
look for chicks

Answer by νάlεήтϊήε қϊѕѕεѕ
Go steal a car and drive around running from the cops with joker and batman costumes on.

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