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Posted in Toddlers on 17th November 2010

question of honesty : What should I get it
My daughters daycare has 3 programs – infants, toddlers, preschool children. My daughter started when she was 7 weeks old war.Der top players in the “nursery” very well with my daughter. Although there are more babies because they always seemed extra love and care for my baby to have. And growing up as my baby, I knew that many of the things they have learned, it bites of her gelernt.Nun, last week my 19 month old in daycare. She had the oldest of the “baby” program and it was agreed that it is time for them to move to the “baby” section was ist.Es look so sad my daughter goodbye for this teacher, as a 2nd been her mother all day, Mon-Fri, 16 months. My daughter did not know the difference between that and leave all the others, but I wanted to, and thus their Lehrerin.Wir wept both eyes aus.Grundsätzlich my question to you is all I get for a gift? I’m a personalized picture frame with a picture of my daughter, but is it too tacky? What do I get them? And I do not really like her a trophy that says “World’s Best nothing” .. I do not like bekommen.Danke for your help Best Answer:

reply by Louise Murphy
do the image thing, or a coupon x

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