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Posted in Babysitting on 30th October 2013

what should I feed a wild baby raddit?
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Answer by Jim M
Clover is good as carrots. The rabbits food works well.

Reply AsianGal15 I actually
before a wild rabbit. when we first got there we had some vegetables. such as carrots and lettuce. Stuff like that, it can be used from time to time, you start to feed your rabbit out of the store.

Reply rayco420 can
Has not anyone ever told you NOT feed wild animals. Well, I just did not feed wild animals. It will survive the wild animals as done for millions of years without your intervention. Leave it alone besides its illegal to disturb animals in the wild.

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Reply by zack h
they do not feed wild animals

reply by Jill
Are you SURE this baby Hare desperately needs your care? Rabbits are able to feed themselves in the wild, they do not need people. If he / she ‘s just a small animal that you found on your way to a park or something of the sort, and you feel the want to feed him or her, would be the best thing to do to the animal to leave them alone. Unless the rabbit is orphaned, or something happened to the mother, or if the bunny looks unhealthy, it can only be a good idea to look into detailed care. Detailed supply means full responsibility (much more than just the food issue) if you are positive it is something wrong.

Reply clydey626
a rabbit should be an unlimited amount of Timothy hay. htey should also get 1/4 of pellets daily, and about 1 cup of leafy vegetables like arugala and 3 tabulated soons of vegetables / fruits such as strawberries or celery or carrrots! Best of luck! email me if you need further assistance. I have a few of my own bunns and spend my time making their lives better!

Reply by Mike Moody

reply by Stephanie V
If their eyes are open, put it back outside. If it’s eyes are closed, take it to a wild life Rehabilitation.Wildkaninchen not survive in captivity, and will die of a stress-related heart attack before reaching sexual maturity. The attempt to “care” for a wild rabbit, it will ultimately be the death.

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