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Posted in Babysitting on 1st November 2010

question of blehheh : What should I do? I think the feeling jealous …?
ok here goes .. Ive got a few friends … and recently we were just about the movie L change the world diskutieren.und I told them that I do not watch them cos ive promised another fren of my primary school, with her yesterday sehen.ok .. and this relates to two of my Frens, ill juz they nicknamed A and B for now? so this friend, a normally calls me to chat a few times a day with me. and today, she has not even called me once when I answered her sms this morning, she didn’t answer .. even more and I thought it was funny and I was worried that her or something I beleidigt.und this other as fren. i smsed it yesterday, after watching the movie, I said abbot, how beautiful was the movie and I wondered whether I should buy a manga. she didn’t antworten.und today smsed me once was at 1PM +, but i did not reply cos i rly sleepy. and now its 5 + and they smsed me suddenly say that “L sux in Babysitting (just something to do with the film). and here is what happened .. I was entering the response msg her last message she sent me at 1 + and go as I sent the msg I received a msg from her again. I sent the msg and this time is the msg I got was that msg “L sux in Babysitting. And that’s what came to my Kopf.dass A and B went to see the movie together, but it has not no slide show tell me abt it. so now im feeling jealous. I answered her msg “, then u watch the movie? With whom” and i did not get a response back. so why, in thinking that the reason why a didn’t call me today becos she went out to watch the film with B.. and the two I didn’t sagen.Das is exactly what the thinking .. I mean, even if I then said I can not see them, they tell me if theyre still going to see the movie together! Therefore, they keep quiet? damn now rly suspicion, and I cannot help jealous abt it, and that they tell me they didn’t watching the movie together (in rmber JUZ suspected this). So, what should I do? I rmber last time I saw a movie with both before .. A and B and told me not to our other friend that we have a movie together … injured cos shes scared that they will be jealous, or say things that we asked them come along with uns.und so, why in rly hurt feelings now .. if they RLY DID the film together and didn’t tell me … im really hurt and eifersüchtig.und failed to reply havent my msg (i sent her a message again half an hour), so … T__T What should I do now? I thought I cannot help IT but I feel to say u know.ähm, no pass, as 13 to 14 Best answer soon.

reply Scarlette
your 12 you are not?

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