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What promises are now being made to the Jehovah’s Witnesses of 2012…What are YOU waiting for?
In 1969, I had suffered 10 fractures in a motorcycle accident as a 18 year-old, and spent 10 months in 3 hospitals….and there were the witnesses at my door, while I was in walking leg-braces…to “show me the way”.

When I became a member in 1970, we had 1975 in view as “Armageddon” was to begin.

I did not go to school for the higher education I needed so desperately because of my limited physical abilities, so I could become active in the ministry work, letting everyone I knew and talked with, to prepare for the worse time in man’s history….always trusting that Jehovah would see us through,

When that did not take place as we were encouraged to believe, the Society told us it was “Jehovah’s Sifting Work” going on, that when members leave because of an unfulfilled expectation, it is because the “Never really loved Jehovah, or the truth.”

So we stayed, and suffered because of our low income, and my major disabilities were never addressed medically, because my wife’s stand on the blood issue alienated us from the medical community, and my surgery’s required blood use (I could have those surgeries today with fractions that are allowed).

Then, we waited….for the “End of the system to arrive”….and waited for what was to be “right around the corner”….and we waited for the “Generation” that would by no means pass away” to usher in the new world.

And we waited.

And my wife was challenged by the congregation to modify her nursing position, that was our only support, because she had to pass blood as a part of her job duties….She quit the organization, and later divorced me, and married a Jewish Rabbi…..my son and I were separated for over 20 years.

And I waited, and served, and prayed, and supplicated, and watched our non-witness family members grow away from us, and grow up, and some of them died (we were not to attend the christendom services), and we lost touch with our loved ones, but we had so many “brothers and sister, and mothers in the Organization, that we knew our love for Jehovah was strong, and our sacrifices were in a “skin of tears” that we would never remember in the new system.

I remarried., and she became a witness, and lost her entire family, and they removed her from the family inheritance.

And we waited…all the time never aware of the things our “mother” organization” was doing…

We asked the “brothers” for a financial assistance in 2010, as my 4 needed surgeries were causing a great difficulty to make ends meet. I needed enough to have my surgeries (We had good medical ins, medicare) but while I needed a year to recover from the joint replacements, I was not able to work as I had done for the preceding 39 years….the brothers told me “No, you are a lover of money”.

We left in 2010….and found what we had been looking for. The Jesus and God of the Bible, and the Kingdom…as Jesus said, it was within us.

What are YOU Jehovah’s Witnesses “Waiting For”?
You “Apostle” will remain faithful to to the end alright, faithful to futility.

Add finding out the Jehovah’s Witnesses are a false religion, and you would still remain…you have had more than your back broken…your spirit is broken as well.
You “Apostle” will remain faithful to to the end alright, faithful to futility.

Add finding out the Jehovah’s Witnesses are a false religion, and you would still remain…you have had more than your back broken…your spirit is broken as well.
Yes, this is a “Husband and wife team” Galatians 5-1 is my wife.

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Answer by Allen
There are probably a million stories like this out there.

What I find humors, is you still believe in the magical sky daddy at all.

–not superstitious

Answer by The Apostle
I read your story with interest. Sorry!

Faithful to the end, comes to mind…. We were hit by an 18 wheeler in 06 and remained faithful.

Broken back, heart attack, semi blind, and now, old age.

Answer by Galatians; 5-1
The Jehovah’s Witnesses have destroyed the lives of millions of people, our families were not spared. The “collateral” damage that is incurred by this false and counterfeit religion is accepted as “persecution” by the rank and file members.

All that the Watchtower organization offers is a “temporary hope” for those stranded by Satan’s designs.

Unfortunately, Satan himself is involved with the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, as he is the main source of their “food” that is delivered through their now “nonexistent” faithful and discreet slave class.

Jehovah’s Witnesses have crushed the dreams and hope of millions of humans, who were looking for a glimmer of real truth and light in these terrible days.

The hope they provided is a sham, and it is not able to stand under the scrutiny of Bible scriptures as they are taught by Holy Spirit.

The members of Jehovah’s Witnesses here have not dealt with me yet. My perspective is that of a wife and mother, who has lost her life, her children’s lives, her husband;s health, and nearly a marriage because of the lies and deception of the Jehovah’s Witnesses Organization.

We are Warriors for Christ now, and our direction is only to share of His love.

Shame on you witnesses who discard common sense and clear-thinking abilities, for the empty promises and false prophesies of wicked men.

Answer by Matthew 4:10
Block me. Seriously.

Galatians 5:1 is the wife? Why was this account using your real name at first?

Galatians 5:2 is the husband? Why was this person posing as legal council in emails for the husband?

Answer by Den
Actually many thought that 1975 would be the end due to the date being 6,000 yrs from creation.
However I challenge you to show in ANY of the JW literature where they prophesied or foretold 1975 would be Armageddon.Some jumped the gun and thought that was the case but not the Watchtower Bible and tract Society.

The Congregations don’t take up funds or keep money for anyone’s Doctor bills.
Neither is anyone paid for being an elder or ministerial servant. They only money they have is for , the building and utilities. So I don’t know where you thought any funds were coming from.
I am sure someone would have helped you find treatment or social services for that. That is why we have them and pay taxes.

Answer by BAR- ANERGES

Like this individual, many opposers of the Witnesses are obviously living in a warped fantasy land called megalomania.

Their usual method is to foist their personal opinion and prejudicial claims on gullible individuals. It is constantly amazing to see what absurd and ludicrous claims that such “ex-JWs” attempt to foist on those who are too gullible or too lazy to double-check facts.

This particular questioner holds the record for the number of lies and misrepresentations crammed into the least number of words. In one question he spouted at least 22 lies, in another he presented no less than twelve outright lies in five sentences!

Anyone who can mouth such prejudicial perversions of truth is either stoned or insane. Since this individual has stated that the Holy Spirit talks to him directly then I opt for the latter!

No wonder his own family doesn’t want anything to do with him!

Experienced opposers of the Witnesses learn not to discuss SCRIPTURAL truth with the Witnesses! Instead they focus on misrepresenting the organization and/or resorting to usupported accusations, emotional rants and blatant lies.

And these individuals many times ultimately resort to the cowardly method of “Blocking” Witnesses from answering their questions because they can’t stand to have their arguments resoundingly proved false and their outright lies exposed!

The reason such critics do not address the accuracy of our current understanding with facts and Scriptural evidence from definitions and context is because they know they have no evidence to refute our real beliefs nor can they even offer a viable alternative interpretation. They KNOW they cannot refute our teachings because they are based firmly on the Bible!

So these individuals can only resort to illogical and baseless personal attacks because they realize how weak their position is.

When we see how weak, unreasonable, illogical, and downright false opposing arguments and beliefs are then we are even more convinced that have the Truth and are part of the True Christian congregation today (Dan.12:3; Mat.13:39-43).

This method of promoting obviously prejudicial slander only demonstrates the debased position of those who leave the Witnesses and turn to “beating their brothers” (Mt. 24:45-51).

I see in so many people that Peter’s words are so true: “They promise them freedom while they themselves are slaves of destructive habits . . .” (2Pet 2:18-19)

TEV: 2Pet.2:19ff: “19 They promise them freedom while they themselves are slaves of destructive habits—-for we are slaves of anything that has conquered us. 20 If people have escaped from the corrupting forces of the world through their knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and then are again caught and conquered by them, such people are in worse condition at the end than they were at the beginning. 21 It would have been much better for them never to have known the way of righteousness than to know it and then turn away from the sacred command that was given them. 22 What happened to them shows that the proverbs are true: “A dog goes back to what it has vomited” and “A pig that has been washed goes back to roll in the mud.”

Matthew Henry: “The apostle, in the last two verses of the chapter, sets himself to prove that a state of apostasy is worse than a state of ignorance; for it is a condemning of the way of righteousness, after they have had some knowledge of it, and expressed some liking to it; it carries in it a declaring that they have found some iniquity in the way of righteousness and some falsehood in the word of truth. Now to bring up such an evil report upon the good way of God, and such a false charge against the way of truth, must necessarily expose to the heaviest condemnation; the misery of such deserters of Christ and his gospel is more unavoidable and more intolerable than that of other offenders.”

Those who leave the Witnesses or were removed left a vibrant, growing, active and truly Christian organization. Now they have withered up and become just like any other religion of Christendom. They have nothing to offer. Like apostates in the first century and the Russellites they cannot even agree on what to believe on the most simple of Bible doctrines.

Those who have left the Witnesses worship with and make common cause with religions which turn a blind eye, or outright allow, homosexuals, fornicators and adulterers to be accepted members of their congregation. These religions also allow their members to drop bombs even on fellow “Christians.”

So, those who leave the True Christian Congregation either abandon Christian morals themselves or become guilty by association. Literally or spiritually they are debased.

I need no further proof to see that there remains no Christian Truth or Holy Spirit in these individuals!



Answer by Lil Miss Sunshine

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