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Posted in Child Support on 4th January 2013

What percentage of the UK population are net contributors to the GDP?
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There are two problems with your question. Firstly, the definition of “net”, not everyone who cover the GDP of the total cost, if we produced all involve externalities. However, other more than cover their costs and will also help the foreign cost of the first group. For example, what is the GDP share of the Police Service? Possibly negative, but the financial benefits of employment in the manufacturing sector to be higher because of the additional safety and lower crime rate out of the work of the police. The same can be for local government officers and full-time true politician, but they are more controversial in my Sicht.Zweitens, the definition of “employee” should be considered. Women or men live at home and care for children, but are not employed, in principle, contribute to the GDP by. “Social and community infrastructure” for those who are in employment It could be argued, see the productivity and overall efficiency of the workforce to erhöhen.Die numbers as follows for 2009, rounded to reasonable numbers: Men aged 16-64 in employment: 18.578.000Frauen aged 16 – 60 in employment: 5.526.000Männer over 65 in employment: 483.000Frauen over 60 in employment: 272.000Gesamtsumme: 24,860,000 ca.In a total population of 60,300,000, ie 41.2 Prozent.Allerdings there are approximately 11,430,000 men and women not in employment, but also engaged in domestic economy to support the employed labor force. No one has estimated its contribution to GDP, but it can not be neglected, there is to do more research. I’m not sure how you appreciate their contribution, as there is no tax return on their activities sind.Also the 41.2 percent is a first estimate of the number you want, but some allowances must be pure “support” Called no salable goods and services, as mentioned above. And some extra for the non-employed contribution, if it’s just a way to be helpful to the messen.Ist?

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