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Posted in Child Care on 30th April 2011

What message are we sending our military?
Today I was waiting on a table at work, and talking to the woman sitting there. I happened to mention that my husband was serving in Iraq right now, and she told me her son, who was sitting at the other end of the table and was probably only 19 or 20, had just returned. He looked at her and said, “Mom, nobody cares!” I was completely shocked by his attitude. Then I got to thinking, is this the message that Americans are sending to our troops? Yeah, we support you, but we don’t support what you’re doing.
I see these guys everyday. I talk to them and know that they’re proud of what they’ve accomplished. Too bad America is not. Too bad our government is divided over what to do and acting like children in making their decisions.
Our military are young guys with young families … but they seem to think we don’t care.
Actually no, I live in a military town. They are always coming home. Or departing. It’s a way of life here. When the bus drops them off, their families and friends are waiting for them and there are always banners welcoming them home outside the main gate. Some of the messages, such as “I can’t wait to meet you Daddy” bring tears to my eyes.

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Answer by Magma H
But doesn’t that say much about the Commander-in-Chief too, does it?
Could the young man be talking about the lack of good body armour, weaponry and Walter Reed?

Has Bush, Cheney and Gates given much care and attention to the troops? I know Rumsfeld doesn’t give a $ hit about the troops.
That’s why there was so much mismanagement.

How many times has Bush flown to Iraq during these 4 years the war has been raging in Iraq?

What about Pat Stillman’s death and the subsequent cover up?
Do you think that is the right message being sent to the servicemen? That no matter how much you give to the military and country, they won’t give you the appropriate pay back?

Walter Reed is really the ultimate.
Does the President need a road map to tell him that when soldiers are wounded, you have to give them the best possible care?

It’s a no-brainer!
But maybe the Command-in-Chief really has no brains.

Answer by t
You may have mistaken what he’s saying. He may not want to talk about it either because of trauma or security issues. Perhaps both. Perhaps he considers his relationships sacred. Most soldiers do not talk about it when they come back. He could be saying that nobody cares, because that covers up that he can’t or won’t talk about it.

Answer by information_police
A lot of 19-20 year old boys are embarrased when their moms make a big deal of them. I wouldn’t go basing our nation’s foreign policy it.

Answer by Gunny Bill
You must live in a Democrat town. I live in a Republican town. When people here find out a vet is coming home from Iraq they give a motorcycle escort from the airport to their house. Then there are people standing along the road by their house waving flags.

Answer by open4one
They have reason to think that. Look at what we put in Congress.

We have the best trained, equipped and motivated soldiers in the world. Do we deserve it?

I’m sure you care. I do, too. But look at the evidence around you. He’s not stupid. Stupid people don’t last long in the service. It must be something else. Could it be the evidence?

Answer by Wolfpacker
I care about our soldiers & are proud of them & their job.
My son is an Officer in military & leaves shortly. But I have been a military supporter since my Uncle joined in 1963 & explain how the military pays for our freedom.
Freedom is never free & the Iraqi War is helping to give freedom to the Iraqi people. It is shameful the way America treats their military.

Answer by shermynewstart
First of all, let me say that I don’t believe we should be there. Having said that, I have been sending letters & pkgs to the troops. How many right-wing war mongers are doing that???? Remember, our “leaders” have not served in the military. They have closed vets hospitals, cut military funding & vets funding & the condition of Walter Reed Hosp was inexcusable!!!!!

Answer by john s
Yes, it is disgraceful ! So many in government don’t care of anything but political power. They say they speak for the troops but, not one of them has been able to prove that. If they truly wanted to speak for the troops they would simply back them up. But of course then that wouldn’t be doing the opposite!

Answer by STEPHEN S
I am currently on the verge of being to old to serve. When I was of age I did. Three years in the U S Army. That time has helped define my life. In the area I currently live in I have little opportunity to tell the current Gulf War vets that I appreciate everything they do for us all. Everyone I do know does however know my feelings. They are doing a tough job and doing it to the best of their ability. I and my family support them and know they are truly heros. Please pass this message on to them if it would help. America does support our troops.
I am 42 y/o and have a family, joining again has been a thought but probibly not help anyone in the field.

Answer by Michele R
i support our troops 100% my husband is currently deployed for the second time and even if we are not able to enjoy our time together like most married couples I am still proud of what he is doing. He however doesnt feel the same not because he hates the military but because he has missed more than half of my sons life and missed our daughters birth. He is the type of person that doesnt like for others to come up to him and thank him, I dont know why…. Im guessing its just that he has spent more time over there than with us.

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