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Posted in Babysitting on 14th January 2011

what kinds of foods do tadpoles eat?
the tadpoles are from the pond down the road, they didn’t have enough water where they were so we are “babysitting” them.

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Most tadpoles are herbivorous, subsisting on algae or other greens such as boiled lettuce in captivity. However, they are true omnivores, being able to adapt to a carnivorous life style as well. When kept under herbivorous conditions, the gut becomes long and spiral. Under carnivore conditions, the gut becomes shorter. In a few species, some tadpoles turn cannibalistic under harsh conditions and feed on other tadpoles living in the pond.

Answer by Quasimodo1957

Answer by freddieboopboop
brine shrimp, blood worms, and very fine crushed flake food

Answer by Libertango
chicken nuggets with barbeque sauce

Answer by average_guy_1271970
Big Macs.

Answer by andrewstimj
I used to just get algee from the pond I found them in and then also change their water from the same pond I found them in.

Answer by hotshot137890
usually they eat algae and things like that you could look them up on google??????????!!!!!!!!!

Answer by mistyrattiekins
try to take some water and some plants from the pond and put it in with the tadpoles. They eat algae in the pond water and algae attached to plants.

Answer by ncvirgo91
Algae, pond scum, and, if big enough, other tadpoles.

Answer by Angela
Obviously you’ve read that natural algae is a great food source for tadpoles. However, algae takes time, and light, to grow.

I’ve raised many species of tadpoles and found that the easiest method to get the fed, fat, happy and healthy…was to introduce “Algae Wafers or Algae Sticks” that you can buy at ANY pet supply store that addresses fish. (Even Wal-Mart.) They’re VERY inexpensive, and the tadpoles love them.

Also, to make sure your tadpoles start their transition to frogs, keep their “homes” warm. If you can, don’t let the water fall below 80 degrees. (If they’re in an aquarium, you can buy an inexpensive heater at Wal-Mart also.)

The process is amazing, and you’ll find you’ll have some very tame and friendly frogs in the end.

Best of luck!

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