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Posted in Working Mothers on 26th December 2010

What is wrong with me?
I don’t know what my problem is, but it’s getting out of control. I’ve been on anti-depressants since about last year, not taking them like I should,I’m fine when i don’t, there’s only moments when my mind completely loses it, and then I pop one. Because of my severe depression, I would never go to school, (I’m 17), and my grades have stayed between the A-C range, not that bad. I am “obese”, but I try not to let that get in my way, especially from getting a job. And when I did get one, I completely ruined it. My first day was terrible, I broke out in sweats, my hands were clammy, I almost threw up, and was so close to bawling right there in the line, it was supposed to be training, but the minute I got there, they said, “Ok, go to that register and start.” Later, I realized that It’s just a job, chill, make some money, but the next day, i called in and quit, I said to my mother, “I’d rather work in the basement of the city courthouse and file records or archives. What is wrong with me?

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Answer by PegsPAC
Your anti-depressants are doing you no good as you are not taking them correctly (they will not help just when you need them and are probably making things worse no matter what you think they are doing) and its likely that you have panic disorder with your depression judging by your reaction to you job and missing school.

You need to be seeing both a doctor and therapist.

Answer by jupitergirl
Oh honey, my heart goes out to you. You may be suffering from a panic disorder (which is why you had the reactions you did to your first day of work). You just need to find your niche but you can’t do it alone. Would you be open to talking to a therapist? I don’t know where you live but in Canada I know that you can contact a therapist for free. It will be good for you to talk to someone on a regular basis. You need to take care of yourself now so that you can enjoy your life. You may also want to try meditation and breathing exercises. Start out small and work your way out- perhaps start with a volunteer job; you will feel good helping people and gain confidence and skills. Good luck!!!!

Answer by Texan54
Anti depressants only work properly when you take them properly. You can not just use them just when you want, the medication needs to be in your bloodstream at a constant level. Some Anti depressants will make you have a tendency to gain weight.
You need to see your psychiatrist and speak to him about this.

Answer by musicgirl152
Okay, before you can really determine anything, you need to take your medicine on a daily basis, at the same general time (ex: every morning or night). Then, if the problem persists after doing that for about one month, you may want to see a doctor.

Answer by lol21t
There is nothing wrong with you. You are experiencing anxiety. When we experience anxiety we tell ourselves negative or self deflating thoughts that cause us to panic, worry excessively or believe that “we can’t succeed”. Did someone tell you these thoughts while you were growing up or are they based on your own view of the world? Did you know that you are 100% in control of your feelings and thoughts? We need to train ourselves to weed out the bad ones and to replace them with positive thoughts. These will in turn, help us to feel better too.

My best advise to you is to see a congintive-behavioral therapist.. Be sure that they specialize in both cognitive and behavioral therapy because these two techniques have been proven in studies to show the best rate of recovery from anxiety. After you call this therapist, call your doctor who prescribed the antidepressants and tell them what is happening. They can either prescribe you a new regimen or can remind you what the correct dosing is. If antidepressants are taken only when needed, instead of regularly, they will not do their job. In addition to this, you may want to purchase this book. It has helped me a great deal.

Good luck and be strong! I am praying for you!

Answer by munnag
Hi stranger,

I felt bad after reading your lines, “Anti Depressants” why do you think of it? Because you’re depressed, isn’t it? But why you’re depressed? Do you ever try to discover it? don’t say you don’t know it, you will be depressed when you lost something or when you miss some one.. wotever the reason is… being depressed is the first step to loosing career, friends, and finally you… I advice you to sit and note the problems of your life and check the things, try to clear it, choose the best ways, share your problems with your friends ask for suggestions to over come things, read books, meet professors, try to spend a good time with family and friends, don’t miss the people who is really meant for you… you said your 17+ tats good age to work and enjoy the life, my self I started working and studying at 18 yrs, don’t work that you have to work… you can’t do it and you can’t reach the success of your life, you should love it before your start doing…. I hope your change your self and starts think in a positive..
Don’t take things in a negative way… a positive way will always has possibilities, don’t look for a sympathy from people, that makes you more sad, try to avoid the bad things of the day and keep move on in the life with fresh fragrance, think each day is a challenge, and make it more adventures, then you will not have time to think of your issues….

Good Luck


Answer by mafiaprincess
sometimes there are things that you just have to suck it up and do it….a job being one of them you have to give it your best try the first couple of days are hard but then after you know what it is your doing than things get alittle bit easier or maybe like you said that isn’t the type of job that you need good luck and hope you find something that suites you

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