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Posted in Child Support on 21st June 2014

What is the views of the cathloic lay people of the child abuse?
but not only that but the reactions of the “higher ups”
blaming the priests actions on all sorts but not actually doing anything…
im just curious to see what people think of it

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im well aware of the reasons of why the church made priests celebate (so the land the church owned would not get passed down away from the church)

this is about the reaction to the scandal because alot of the bishops are defending it i waana know what the people think
for people who dont know about this there were boarding schools for children set up in ireland (this affects other places too but ireland has finished its tribunal on it) whithin which the children suffered numerous manners of abuse… this had gone on for 60 years… summed up in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4bEBzUYiDs&feature=related

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Answer by pqkiller
Catholics will defend their own to the end without even realising it. An unfortunate side effect of the xian religion in any form is the constant need to validate and justify the belief in ridiculous morals such as abstinence in order to continue to feel what little comfort can be obtained by thinking that at the end of days you will be rewarded for it. Some catholic bishops have said that the children tempted the priests by being homosexual…..


Answer by robert C
it has been proven that well over 50 % are of a homosexual nature.
apart from that, the idea of sexual abuse in any part of society i find abhorrent.
even in public schools, and broken families , in most cases unless the victims come forward who can tell what goes on.
i see where the mormon church has paid a large amount in their scouting org. and the scouts have to turn over their perversion files , over 1200 , some going back to the 1920s.

Answer by Messenger of God
As a Catholic I’m against child abuse and against the Church covering up these scandals. I believe the Pope has the responsibility to excommunicate these child molesting Priests from the Church.
But you have to also understand that the media has blown the number of Priests that do these horrible things way out of proportion. I’m sure if the media dug in enough they could also reveal some Protestant church scandals.

Any Christian that supports “child abuse” is not a true Christian.

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