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Posted in Child Support on 5th July 2013

What the Tea Party is consensus about immigration?
Sarah Palin supports’ vocational training ‘and’ senior assistance “to illegal immigrants in Alaska. But it has not mentioned kurzem.Dick Armey (FreedomWorks Chairman) supports full Amnesty.Rand Paul said we should do children of illegal immigrants citizenship verweigern.Welcher Tea Partiers support Best Answer (s):

response from prom night dumpster baby
Do your homework. It is not an actual party. There is a movement. There are many different opinions on issues

reply by Nathan
Rand Paul. We have laws that they enforce

answer by Journey
Follow the damn law.

Reply Muerto Mujados
mass deportations now for all criminal illegal alien racist hispanic la Raza nazi invading border KKKlan with a TAN MESSYcans.

answer by Trix
I think they are against illegal immigration. How many of us are

Reply hwinnum
I can only speak for myself and the people I know -. We think illegal immigrants should go back where they came not to be sent off and then enter the country legally. Why should they get special treatment for sneak?

response of Casy
Tea Party supports the legal Zuwanderung.2 of the people you mentioned are not Tea Party members.

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