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Posted in Child Care on 23rd August 2013

What is the solution to the problem of reintroduction sex offenders in the community? …
Some communities have passed laws that make it difficult, if not impossible for sex offenders to live within this community (landlord may not be able to deny lesseeship sex offenders within 1000 feet of a school or church, etc. live). While this makes the community feel safer at the same time these people need somewhere live.The question is, where? It is not enough to say, “not in my community, I do not care.” If they up indefinitely locked deported, put in separate apartments, kept under careful observation, or simply forced by the market cluster in large numbers in the cities that have not yet adopted such regulations Best Answer (s):

Reply teena9 There are lots of problems with this but the most urgent need is a relapse. Sex offenders can not be cured. There is something fundamentally wrong with them that can not be rehabilitated. It guarantees them into society only to someone else.

answer injured by Michelle F
This is a difficult question. People should not be punished for their crimes their lives. But many of these people have problems of recidivism. I would say, religious guidance, counseling and drugs (in required) might be better jumping off points.

know Reply cuitegirl109
i dint kept under careful observation

Reply by tracy v
sex offenders can not live …. they like a pig and should be slaughtered.


Reply NIshzhoni
Send them to Pakistan (or any country that would cut off their genitals when they rape someone). Now, on the serious Page: Can we just put them on the wall to build? This country is so happy-wall that try these peole from south of the border separating! If the sex offender to work without pay, will it save us some money … we do not have to use our resources to pay for the Marines do what these people can free tun.Meine question is: have these people work somewhere

Reply by Walt
Lot’s of sex offenders have their own families and children? .. The family is not the consequences of a member of his family suffer from disorders such as any victim of any type of mental disorder, the Pope könnte.Die companies of today must be the fact accept that mental illnesses are not immune to jedermann.Eine therapy program is to be given to the offender, if not the law should be followed in order the hospital on the offender for a sex organ removal or the like.

operate Reply nk_rso
did you know that less than 1% of all sex offenders the same sex crimes reoffend you remove the sacrlet law eineja, I’m on the sex offender list here some link

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