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Posted in Babysitting on 23rd June 2013

What is the most embarrassing thing your child has said in public (and probably pretty loud)?
Late in the evening of my second pregnancy, my four year old, husband and I ate dinner at a local buffet. While we went to look at the foods, a fairly strong man walked by us. My daughter shows and says “he is a big belly like you mother.” I wanted to hide in the mashed potatoes Best Answer (s):.

response from TEAC
I have to poop

response of diamond 2
yoa girls as we stood in line at the target it tilts her dress looks at the ticket and yells “I GOT BOOBIES” learned to read only 6 years old at the top of their lungs

response of funky fresh
My sisters and I like to take things of the carriage and read it. So far the things he took embarresssing it has 2 pregnancy tests, many tampons, “special soap”

reply by Ashley G
most embarrassing thing for my 6 year old daughter said, when I said this guy was flirting remember Mama lets go to your girlfriends house and he took it the wrong way

answer by disney chick
At dinner at our favorite restaurant, my giggling 3 year old daughter starts and then says to listen for the entire hotel, “Excuse me, I TOOOOOOTED!” My husband and I wanted to crawl under the table and laughing hysterically at the same time.

Reply renae8003
my daughter is 2 and a half and also theres this guy I really like and he one day something outside work and my daughter and I were playing outside, saw they the man that I really like and shouting “HELLO SEXY MAN!” and he heard them, so I grabbed my daughter and ran into my house all shy and embarrassed about it!

response of Faerie
“Mommy, what does this mean pedophile!” Of course it is louder then it was sounded, but still embarrassed me a bit.

reply by karen b We were in the grocery line to daycare and my daughter said, essentially at the top of their lungs … “Hey Mom boys and girls have ______________.” . Makes me want to, crawl under the floor tiles

Reply pammy_6201
my husband and I were signing papers to buy a car – my daughter was in the session chair, as was I (not enough chairs for all of us). As I leaned in to sign the papers, my daughter said – and very loud – Mama, I see your ass! It did this every time I had to write my name – and that’s a lot when you buy a car! It was funny, though.

Reply by Brandie C
One day my 3 year old son jumped on the couch and hit his head on the corner of the coffee table. We had to take him to the emergency room of a broken eyebrow. In the waiting room he lifts his shirt and Saies “Titties!”! Everyone laughed, but a couple ver frowned disapprovingly. My face was blood red.

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