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Posted in Child Support on 12th May 2014

What is the “Lack of Dependent Support” military discharge?
Is there any reprimand that follows? How does someone go about getting a “Lack of Dependent Support” discharge? What do they need to do and who do they need to talk to? Is someone that is married but is not dual military eligible if his/her spouse does not support him/her?

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Answer by Bear
??? I’m going to guess that your spouse do not support you being in the military? If so dump them stay in. Wives and husbands come and go a good paying job that is steady, reliable, with medical and a retirement after 20 years she/he won’t/can’t claim that.

Answer by Smoker06
I think, and am too lazy to look it up, that lack of dependant support refers to having an inadequate family support plan. I.e., there is no one to take care of your children when you deploy. This would apply to single Soldiers or dual military family.

Answer by Mrsjvb
it can be classified as a General under Honorable or an Admin Sep. neither are particularly bad, but they aren’t exactly the best codes either. you start with your Chain of Command

If you are married to a civilian, the only way you’d be able to claim lack of Family Care Plan is if you were legally separated and in the midst of a divorce. The military doesn’t care if your spouse is unwilling or unable to babysit.

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