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Posted in Working Mothers on 27th December 2012

What is the importance of play Blood Wedding?
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response from Wibble69
What a coincidence! I am wondering the same thing on Saturday night when I watch in a theater blood wedding sat! It was not a long game, but seemed to go hard! Very dramatically! Lorca approaches the piece as a lyrical poem rather than a game. He seems more interested in the structure and language of the play as the characters he has created – he is only one character (Leonardo) a name – the rest are titled, “The Bride”, “mother”, etc. I’m sure that the game is a metaphor for something – I was just watching it as a spectator, the Lorca’s other work (I studied the House of Bernarda Alba for drama O levels) knows. I have attached some academic Appendix – not copy word for word, but they can help


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