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Posted in Working Mothers on 29th March 2011

what is the funniest pedestrian cell-phone call you have overheard?
i luv when u hear people talking vulgar or profanity-filled things on their cellphone where everybody on earth can hear. what’s something funny you’ve heard.

one time i was working at walmart, and i hear this guy going
“i was gonna buy the last guitar hero, and a guy takes it. what a mother********!!!!!” awww ****.

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Answer by the king
I once heard this one guy said: Are you fuc(.k*ng kidding me thaT b*tch said she was a virgin haha it was funny to me lol

Answer by freestylinmichelle109
some guy on a cellphone i guess talkin to his girlfriend
“The test said what??? ….Are you sure?? ….Bullshit! Im getting another one! We are going to retest!” (and this is all while his buddy was with him. and when he got off the phone with his girlfriend/baby mama whatever he turns to his buddy and says “sh!t! I should get a paternity test too!”

I couldnt believe my ears!
lol good question! Star!

Answer by circus.mcgurkus
I work in a library, one day I was sitting at the front desk and a woman stormed past me towards the exit on her cell phone yelling, “You make your own macaroni and cheese, I ain’t makin you nothing!!”

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