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Posted in Working Mothers on 15th November 2013

What is the difference between the U.S. and Canada? ?
Mostly when it comes to the people who ask lebennur in her … I’m not Canadian and not American Best Answer (s):

Reply fairy_tales_1989
? they are two different countries??

Reply Gemna
Many things are different, but the countries are similar in the same time. Canadians are loose and relaxed in general. Canadians are known to be more polite of the two. Of course this is only a generalization and not everyone in Canada is polite and not everyone is laid back, but for the most part, yes.

response of thinking time
Different standards and Werte.Es is a border between the two countries for a reason.

response from DJJ jj
Americans are arrogant superiority of a komplex.Kanadier are arrogant of an inferiority complex.

answer by Rocco
Canadians are nice, friendly, intelligent people, and Americans are not Canada is a peaceful, benevolent, compassionate nation and the U.S. is a dirty, violent, war-mongering, gun toting, hateful, racist, homophobic, religious nut nation …. so that we can share with sleazy politicians

Reply freeside49
“brothers of a common mother”, a lot of the same basic values, belief in fairness, democracy and hard work to get ahead. Americans tho a bit more “go it alone” independence stripes while the tough Canadian winter to keep people here as a basic belief in social programs such as health care, unemployment insurance, etc appear together. In Canada are seen as a positive value while they tend to the South to reconsider its communism.

answer by William Andrews
Many people use the common stereotype that Canadians are back, polite and friendly, laid and Americans are stupid. This is not true, for the most part. I am a Canadian and I have traveled around the United States. Many Canadians are polite, relaxed, etc., but many are not. Most Americans are uneducated. This is the fault of the American education system, not the people. I personally find to be an American, friendly and hospitable to us as Canadians, but that’s just my opinion.

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