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Posted in Working Mothers on 12th December 2010

What is it with mother who just don’t want to be mother anymore? Why did they have kids?
Ok my step son has to do everything himself, he wants to eat he pulls food out of the freezer (yeah he eats only frozen dinners), he set’s his own bedtime, he get’s himself up and off to school, does his own laundry and it is his responsibility to make sure his homework gets done, it has been this was for a little over a year and he just turned 13.
My ex-step sister has her kids (ages 10 & 8) clean the house, do the laundry, don’t help then with school work, they set their own bed time, and they are currently potty training their younger brother (age 3), they change all the diapers when they are home – sibling’s are 3 and 1 year.
To me it just sounds like these kids are just raising themselves or is it just me? Why have kids if you don’t want to take care of them??
I really don’t think these mother do anything but put a roof over their kids head and give them a bed to sleep in….what happened to being a “mother”?

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Answer by lj1
It sounds like they are just plain lazy. It is fine to ask your older kids for a little help with the younger ones sometimes, but they shouldn’t be expected to do everything.

Answer by lisaanndubay
call child pretivite services on her

Answer by sara b
In the case of the 13-year old, I can understand giving him some responsibility. But, he is doing too much for a child his age. He will feel anxious, neglected, and his grades will probably suffer if this keeps up. Also, he will be more likely to fall in with a bad crowd since he is being given so much freedom and no oversight.

As for the younger kids, that is just very sad. It sounds like the parents are lazy, overworked, negligent, or apathetic. Whatever the reason, someone should call social services to make a few house calls. That might scare them into being actual parents.

ALSO I’m not so sure it is all the mother’s fault. What happened to the FATHER’s duties to care for and discipline his children, also? After all, he had half of the responsibility in creating the children, he does not get off the hook. I think BOTH parents are responsible.

Answer by Shelly F
It’s good to teach kids responsibility and to let them help with the things you mention but your ex step sister is going Way overboard, she IS just letting the children raise themselves. She needs to grow up and start taking responsibility instead of putting it all on her children.

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