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Posted in Child Care on 18th November 2010

question by Jessica : What is a unique name for a daycare center at home
I am opening my own small nursery of my apartment and I want a name that is unique, I do not think such a thing as “Jessica’s Child Care”. A name I like is pajama-mama’s child care, but I’m not sure if parents think it’s cute or think it sounds like I’m lazy to wear pajama pants I? Any suggestions would be really awesome! Thanks:) Another name idea, I thought to-day care Little Cupcakes “Frosted carefully sprinkled with love,” what do u think By the way, I ignore stupid answers Best answer?.

reply Faith4jesus
I am a writer at heart and I wanted was a book about a day care center to schreiben.Die nursery and title of the book – Tender Lovin ‘day care center

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